The Insignificance of Cultural Identification

Though race, in the context of skin color, is an idea barely four hundred years old, it has been used by the fallen to instigate a false sense of pride among the inept. In today’s consciousness, you have two prevailing groups of individuals, who look exactly alike physically, contending over the superiority of their mythos over the other.⁣

The Cabal had already successfully implemented their agenda against universal harmony by the creation of older religions. Then they came along in the seventeenth century and subversively injected a new categorization of divisions in racialism. Then colorism followed. Now, within just the last century, these two new factions of disunity have arisen, based on proposed understandings of two ancient, dead languages.⁣

With the mind of God, it is realized that the truth contained in both Torah and Medu Neter is one truth, yet conveyed in two distinct tongues. In the egoistic heart and mind, it is suggested that one was stolen from the other. However, both of them now promote an ideology of individuals with brown skin are victims of an agenda to annihilate them.⁣

One with knowledge of the Ancient of Days understands that the flesh we all now embody is not even our original form. Even within these two belief systems, the light body is sometimes referenced. Still they have become haughty in spirit, esteeming their own carnality over the carnality of others. All carnality is mortal though. Who we truly are is immortal.⁣

They pride themselves on melanin, though all humans have melanin, just in various measures. Melanin is carbon, and the chemical makeup of carbon is 666. The mark of the beast is not about a skin color, it is the carnal nature, marked in the head or the hand.⁣

If your eyes were opened, you would see how all your boasting in ethnicities, and nationalities that are unconfirmed, is in fact that very mark that designates the children of the adversary from the heirs of the Kingdom. The choice is yours. If you boast in your inherent divinity, you shall live and inherit the Kingdom. If your pride is in the things of this present world system, you will perish. ⁣

It’s not rocket science. It’s not religion. It’s not spirituality. It is TRUE consciousness; being the knowledge of the True Self and I AM presence. Modern science has even supplied you with a means of confirming your genealogical descent. You won’t trust it because you are afraid of finding out that you have no connection actually to the set you’ve been repping. ⁣

If you knew who you truly are, your carnal affiliation would not hold much significance. This is because, in your creation, you are the visible image and likeness of the invisible God… and God doesn’t have a body as unto man, animals, mythological creatures, or planets. The image of God is God’s authority. The likeness of God is God’s character. This is only fully realized in the restoration of every one of us to our I AM presence.

Once we have all overcome our carnality, and corrected the ignorances of our fall, we experience true healing. Once we are all truly healed individually, The Universe is healed. The King, then has come as the dominion of God, and the character of God has been reborn, casting down all enemies, even death. All of creation has been groaning in travail awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God. And sonship is not about biological procreation, but bearing the image and likeness of the True and Living God.

Christ is within you. The Kingdom is within you. Divine order is within you. Once you get past your racial identity, your cultural identity, your national identity, your religious identity, your emotional identity, your educational identity, and your financial identity, you return to your immortal identity, and NONE of these present things are even worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in you. I have seen that glory, and only want to help you return to it.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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