When Doves Cry

What they fought for?
What they marched for?
What they boycotted for?
What they DIED for?
All that fighting…
All that marching…
All that boycotting…
All those deaths…
And yet here we are.
Here we are in 2020
With rights GIVEN
Given to a group of people
Who still aren’t free.
400 years came and went
Yet nothing changed;
Nothing but ink on paper.
Is that what you want?
More amendments ?
The problem is not the laws.
The problem is the hearts.
Not only the hearts of the oppressors,
But just as much the hearts of the”oppressed”.
The hearts are too human.
To be human is to be an animal.
Animals don’t live.
Animals survive.
So what they fought for…
Was survival.
What they marched for…
Was survival.
What they boycotted for…
Was survival.
What they DIE for..
IS survival.
They just wanted to survive;.
To survive as humans.
But to survive as humans,
Assumes death as humans.
And as to be human
Is to be an animal,
The circle of life visits.
The hunter becomes the hunted.
The predator becomes the prey.
All because the hearts are human.
But, ye are Gods.
You are all children,
Children of The Most High.
Children of the Earth
Are animals.
They come from the dust,
Only to return to the dust.
They fought…
For the rights of dust.
They marched…
For the rights of dust.
They boycotted…
For the rights of dust.
They continue to die…
Because right is a condition of the heart,
Not a legislation of the dust.
The killing won’t stop
Though the laws change.
Haven’t you learned that yet?
The people have been fighting…
Fighting against the wrong enemy.
Black and white…
Police and civilian…
All one adversary.
There is but one devil.
It is the flesh.
Yes, black flesh…
Yes, white flesh…
And as long as you are serving the flesh
You are serving the same devil.
Now the Kingdom divided against itself…
It’s crumbling!
No! It’s burning.
And you are still trying to find peace
Looking outside of you.
But peace isn’t found.
Peace is made.
Made just like a baby is.
The sperm of God
Enters the virgin womb of man,
And the peace of God
Is born from the Holy Place.
That Holy Place
Far beyond the veil of your flesh.
But because you only survive for that which is passing away,
You still don’t realize that within you,
Within you is LIFE,
And that life is light.
Light, unlike dust
Can never be extinguished.
The answer is to be Light.
Light drives out darkness without effort.
There is no fight
When light shows up.
Darkness just flees.
The more you let your light shine
The more the blind see.
Love is that Light.
God is that Love.
You are…
The real You,
Are God.
Many say it,
But few see it.
And this is because your eyes
Are too busy focused on the devil.
The blue eyed devil.
The brown eyed devil.
The green eyed devil.
Yet, you dance with the devil,
But expect the marital status of God.
Justice is peace.
Yet you ask of one justice,
While you threaten to withhold peace.
So your real fight isn’t even against “them”.
Your fight is within.
Will you be black or Light?
Will you be white or Light?
The thing about Light is that
There is no color division in Light.
Light encompasses all colors.
But those who stumble around
Clumsy in the darkness
Are too blind to see
The same Light is in you
The same Light is in me
The same Light is in we.
The only law that can legislate the heart
Is the law of Love.
Someone has to choose to fulfill that law
So the world may see.
Might as well be me!

“When Doves Cry” 2020 © Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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