The Second Coming of Christ

It is first important to understand that the Christ is not a person. The Christ is the express image and likeness of the Father, which is the seed (source) of consciousness. Christ is simply the English rendering of the Greek Χριστός (Christos), which is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew משיח (maschiach), which is Messiah. The meaning of which is to be smeared with oil for the purpose of designating the one bearing the authority as King. Christ is the designated representative authority of God in the Earth. It is the consciousness of God embodied, given to subdue and have dominion over the whole Earth.

The rapture is the experience of each of us ascending back in consciousness to meet Christ in the air. It is actually the experience of enlightenment where one disciplines himself to reflect the Father before all in the Earth. It is not a single, collective experience of those of a certain religion, but it is the experience of all who have committed themselves to the love of the Father. It is this ascension that prepares each of us to manifest the Kingdom of God in Earth as it is in Heaven.

The first man Adam was actually male and female, two equal, but opposite, parts of one whole. Like the heads and tails of a coin. The one was then separated into two, for the purpose of replenishing the Earth.

Adam, that Bible speaks of, was initially a Soul. In the Hebrew language, the body of Adam was אור, which is literally light. That is what the Soul is: pure light. After fear entered in, the אור had to be given עור, which is skin like that of animals. This is because, in forsaking our authority over the Earth, we became animals ourselves- human.

At creation, the two are equally strong. They are strengths opposite of one another. Their strengths support one another. The man is as the head, because he is the unseen source of life- the crown, third eye, and throat chakras. The woman is the body as she is the visible revelation of life- the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. The man knows. The woman feels. They meet together at the heart chakra, and love is broadcast forth throughout the whole Earth.

Eve is just the name given to the womb man AFTER they were no longer on one accord. After the “fall”, the male man and the female man had to have separate names. Prior to, they were both called Adam. Kinda like a husband and wife share a last name now. The woman was always. Physically, she was more present than the man. The man is as the seed within the fruit, but the woman is the fruit containing the seed. This is why the oldest bones known to humanity belong to a woman. Neither came before the other. They both were in the beginning.

The first Adam אדם was created male זכר (pronounced zakar) and female נקבה (pronounced neqabah). Zakar literally means “marked one”. Neqabah literally means “easily pierced”. So the “mark” or anointing is on the male as the authority as Lord and King. Anatomically this is reflected in the penis, but before the flesh, it was conscious intelligence, which speaks the word- crown (anointing), third eye- vision, and throat- declaration. The female is by nature a receiver. This is the easily pierced, which is anatomically reflected in the vagina. She receives the authority of her man, submits to his (pro)vision, and receives the word (seed) into her womb, and multiplies the seed of the man.

In simplicity, man perceives consciousness, and woman conceives consciousness. So, what happens when consciousness is conceived? It is birthed in the Earth. This is procreation. If the man has the mind of Christ and the heart of the Father, and the woman is full of the Set Apart Spirit, and has the heart of the Mother, the two are an impenetrable fortress, able to bring forth the Eternal Kingdom, manifesting Heaven in Earth. This is the reality of the scripture that declares “If any two of you agree as touching anything that you may ask in the Earth, it will be done by the Father in Heaven.”

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