Healing Hatred

Hatred, as a manifestation of fear, was presented to man by the “serpent”. Man chose to fear that the God within us was withholding from us that which is actually inherent within us, all at the suggestion of a creature we were accountable for subduing and having dominion over.⁣

While the concept of “Mother Earth” is many millennia old, it is not a true ideology. Earth is only “mother” of the human body. Human is an animal. It is not what our origin is as man. Human is what man became when we abdicated our throne.⁣

Man (male and female as one) was made as the Christ of The Universe. We are above nature in our creation. The Earth is a realm full of kingdoms. Man was accountable for being King of kings to all of its kingdoms. It is our responsibility to be servant-leader of the Earth realm (which includes the planets and stars), but we instead became subject to the very vanity that we are intended to bring harmony to.⁣

So now, we have one race of beings (mortals) who have accepted the lie of being ruled by nature. Nature is in disarray because the Lord and Savior of nature refuses to first master and save himself. Humans use the copout of being human, thus accepting fear, and by virtue, hate as well.⁣ Nature is our domain as the image and likeness of God.

The highest expression of love is understanding. Perfect Love casts out all fear. Humans resist the charge to understand all things, so they desire to control everything, rather than love it. Humans, rather than serve as Gods, wish to rule as mortal tyrants. Humanity’s great disconnect from divinity has led it, as do animals in the wild, to try to make this jungle into its slave. ⁣

There is life eternal inherent within us, but humans chose, rather, the lower knowledge of good and evil. It is this knowledge, making us as animals, that actually birthed sin into the world. It is true that in oneness there is no right nor wrong, but not because everyone chooses what is right for himself. There is a way that IS right for man, and that way leads to eternal life in the Kingdom. There is also a way that only SEEMS right to humans, and its end is destruction.⁣

This agenda apparent in humanity is actually one agenda. The elite and the common actually share the same agenda. The oppressor and the oppressed also share this same agenda. So do the racist and the victimized. The agenda is survival, and self-preservation is the first rule of survival. So humans are out to protect themselves and those like them from destruction. Loss and deprivation are the great fears of humans; the very same fears that brought about imminent death. It is the actual resistance of the very thing humans fear that brings about the realization of that fear.

Fear is a condition of ignorance. It is written that my people perish for the lack of knowledge. True Love provokes a longing for knowing and understanding. What we love, we seek to know and understand rather than change, control, or condemn it. The knowledge and understanding which love pursues is that of the inherent divinity. Patience is essential to this practice, both with ourselves and with all others.

Too much of the human behavior is controlled by feelings. This is even what distinguishes Gods and mortals. While none are inherently mortal, what makes humans so is the choice to forsake knowledge for sensory perception. Humans live to feel. Few desire to know right. They only desire to feel right. When we know how to love, fear is gone. We no longer, as humans, walk in our inherent divinity because of the continual choice to fear rather than love. Self-Love is a matter of knowledge. Knowing, and doing, what is right for Self is the foundation of love; even love for the Lord your God with all your heart and mind. Love provokes an obedience to the instructions, which are essential to knowledge, NOT belief.

When you have repented to the I AM presence, you no longer fear judgment. This is because knowledge attained by love guides all of your actions. You begin to behave to live, rather than to feel. Eating to live is about knowing what the body requires in order to achieve homeostasis. You don’t eat for taste or pleasure. You eat according to the understanding of what it is that the body requires in order to live and be healthy. The same is true for sex, work, and relationships. You need to first KNOW and understand your divinity, and then commit to the discipline of emanating such.

Gods don’t fear, and thus Gods don’t hate. Mortals do so because mortals are consumed with preserving their mortality, and the mortality of those like themselves. This is because the understanding is absent that the very same Divine Energy exists at the innermost being of every person. This knowledge, which sees far beyond the veil of flesh and feelings, is paramount to Tikkun Nephesh (healing of the Self), and Tikkun Olam (healing of the world).

Even money drives the vehicle of hate. Money is the tool humans use to measure value. Sadly, as humans are taught to fear others won’t value them and those like them, they develop a love for money, thinking it will protect them. A lot of the fight you are witnessing for racial equality is actually people seeking to be viewed as others for the opportunity to have the same access to money as those who appear to control it. Not understanding true worth, this world is possessed by matters of finance, and that possession is the source of all activity that breeds competition. Competition is the expression of fear which breeds all hate.

Remember hearing that you cannot serve God and mammon? This is because God is love, and mammon (money) is divisive above all things in the Earth. Prior to the 16th century, the modern concept of race didn’t exist. Race, before that time, was tribal or national. Even then, nation was divided against nation over material resources. Evil is that which blinds man of his oneness with all men. Nothing keeps men segregated like money.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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