Lift “HIM” Up

Here’s a song for you… Lift Him Up by Hezekiah Walker

You must first understand that the “HIM” mentioned is not actually a “HIM” at all. “HIM” is the common way for the finite human mind to process the existence of the Infinite Source of All, which is the Divine Presence within you, even at your innermost being. To lift “HIM” up, only requires that you cast down EVERYTHING else that is not “HIM”. However, in this generation, even those who know that the “HIM” is not actually a “HIM”, and is neither male nor female, as humans perceive maleness and femaleness, believe that it is the will of this unseen “HIM” that all their carnal desires are fulfilled.⁣

“HIM”, and that are in “HIM” is eternal. It will never pass away, because It is that which exists to become all that is seen from the realm of the unseen. Those of us who HAVE seen “HIM” have beheld “HIS” glory, and it is the glory of the only begotten son of the Father. This glory is that of perfect love, and perfect love casts out all fear. Thus we live to be the word made flesh. We live, not to do our own will, but to lift “HIM” up, that all that is within- love, joy, peace, and justice- might be known without. Unto this cause is it written that greater love has no men than this, that he would lay his life down for his friends.⁣

We live to be an example of what it is to be a living sacrifice. The only begotten son is not an individual, but an example of the image and likeness of God made flesh for all men to behold. The image and likeness of God is not an illustration of visage. It is not the flesh, nor the color of the skin. It is the invisible qualities of “HIM” coming to reveal exactly what it is these qualities look like in manifestation. While this world seeks to attract that which can be seen- the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life, those who truly know “HIM” yearn to lift “HIM” up that all men may be drawn unto the same Divine Presence which was within the Master Jesus, and every Master of ever culture and generation, even until now.⁣

How do we, then, serve “HIM”? How do we lift “HIM” up? We do so when we place more value on our relationships, and doing unto others as we would have done unto us. Those who know of, and have tasted eternity do not allow a fear of lack or scarcity prevent them from pouring out their bowels of compassion unto those who are in need. Thus, when we see someone hungry, we give them to eat, or naked we clothe them. We do these things without anxiety for our own temporal well-being, because we are confident of this; God is not mocked, and whatsoever a person sows that shall that person also reap. We lift “HIM” up, by sowing to the eternal, without judgment. I give from the darkness, so that the “HIM” who is veiled in the darkness may be seen in the light.⁣

If the people would only TRULY grasp that, as my friend, Robert House, so eloquently revealed it, “From the Shadow Of the Darkness Came forth the⁣
Light”, they would understand the Eternal Kingdom within them. Yet this generation worships only that which can be seen with the eyes, and felt by the senses, not even realizing that this is the fullness of what is called idolatry. ⁣

“God”, as it is called, can only be revealed in lifting up that love, joy, peace, and justice that is at the abyss of the innermost being. While the Law of Attraction encourages this people to synchronize with whatever it is their hearts desire, if it can be seen, it is of the love of the world, and if that is what you are in pursuit of, then the love of the Father IS NOT in you. ⁣

This generation, even those who feign consciousness, give most of their energy to that which is passing away. They believe, in ignorance, that the answer to the racial disparities being seen in the world today are overcome through the accumulation of wealth. They speak of wealth and abundance in terms of money. They cannot perceive themselves as eternal because they do not know the “HIM” within them. So, they seek to create generational wealth for those who are alike the them that is passing away, rather than the “HIM” that shall abide forever, and abides even now within them, as they are the temple of the Living God. ⁣

So, in truth, everything that is not eternal is an enemy of God. It is judgment that provokes fear, and judgment, not justice, is a perception of finality, and condemnation. While you think that money is a defense, money, while it serves its purpose in this age, is an enemy of God. It is the most powerful slaveholder ever known. The answer isn’t to replace the current financial illusion with a new financial illusion, for all financial illusions veil the inherent divinity of all men. The answer is to let “HIM” arise, and “HIS” enemies be scattered; let all that hate “HIM” flee before “HIM”.⁣

You have to understand what is meant when it is said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is the most vile divider of men there ever was. As long as humans are lifting up money, pleasure, ego, race, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, politics, and all other temporal things, they are actually casting down God, joy, Soul, oneness, inherent divinity, and all that is currently hidden, yet eternal. Money, even cash, becomes null and void at the choosing of wicked men. The Great Depression showed us how even cash can become worthless in an instant.⁣

When we lift “HIM” up by crucifying our own flesh, that is our temporal desires and all that keeps us divided, we are revealing to humanity the “HIM” that hasn’t been seen with the naked eyes. The world you know is crumbling before your eyes, because there are those of use among you who have chosen to love the “HIM” within us all, loving “HIM” with all of our hearts, minds, and strength. Until all men are drawn unto “HIM” within them, and the Kingdom within is made manifest without, all that you add to yourself will continue to perish. But once that Kingdom which we are instructed to seek first comes, there shall be no more tears, no more pain, no more death, no more hunger, no more racism, no more police brutality, no more redlining, no more gentrification, no more prisons, no more crime. Because the 144,000 realize that the people only believe because they have seen, we endure human suffering for the joy set before us.⁣

So, we will indeed lift “HIM” up until all have seen “HIM” coming again in “HIS” glory, and all rebellion has been cast down. As above, so below. As within, so without. As in Heaven, so in Earth. It’s ALL about bringing that which is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, virtuous, and praiseworthy out to fill the whole Earth. We lift “HIM” up because “HE” is worthy to be praised.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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