What Are You Choosing?

Man is created to subdue and have dominion over the Earth, including the carnal body. Adam Kadmon, as it is called, is man at our highest. This is the express representation of the image and likeness of Source. Even as Source is LOVE and Light, we too are the same.

It is not the nature of man to be in bondage to any. Man must choose to rebel against himself, and the very I AM presence inextricable of the Soul, in order to be subject to the flesh. The flesh is a fitting servant, but a treacherous master.

Man today thinks that nature, as in the Earth, is his God. The truth is that man was made to serve Earth as her Lord and King. We are to establish order within this realm, but because man has rendered himself a slave to the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes, and pride of life, the Divine Life Force of the Father is depleted within him.

The refusal to control the appetite and the sexual urges has made man no more than the beasts of the field. This very same rebellion perpetuates the division and wars in the world. God, however, is One. We walk in our inherent divinity by the choice to cultivate the Divine Life Force Energy within us, rather than yield to the urges that lead only to destruction.

The people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, even the Divine Life Force Energy within you has rejected you from being its people. There is knowledge which leads to eternal life. You can choose to apply it or not. It is not religious at all.

The influence of the serpent, that great dragon, beguiles mankind into believing the Source withholds some things from us to our detriment. The Eternal Divine Life Force within us is only able to produce life. When we choose to go against the instructions of the Divine Life Force, we choose for ourselves slavery and death.

God, by revelation through Holy Mystics and Prophets of old, instructed us concerning the preservation and cultivation of life. Then the dragon and spirit of antichrist seduce man into the idea that God gave us the animal nature as a gift to be used. We are not to be in bondage to our bellies and our genitalia. We are to use them in service to the LOVE that God is, so that we may manifest from within us the Eternal Kingdom.

The two most difficult temptations for humans to overcome are those of eating and fornication. Both food and sex are essential for the cultivation of the Divine Life Force Energy, but it is in the perversion of both that the Kingdom suffers violence. We are the magi and the alchemists. It is our responsibility to harness the flame of the lower nature that the consuming fire of the Highest may purify us as our Father is pure.

Forever your servant,


Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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