Why Aren’t Marriages Lasting As Long Anymore?

A Goddess posed the question on her Facebook profile, “Why aren’t marriages lasting as long anymore?” I felt I could better address this topic here on my own platform. Though this is not an exhaustive revelation of the truth surrounding this subject, I hope it gives you a foundation for understanding. I will soon do an extensive YouTube video on the subject.

Marriage has not yet achieved Holy Matrimony. For thousands of years, humans have married as the animals they are. Some animals are monogamous. Some animals are polygynous. Still some are polyandrous. While many are polyamorous. Because humanity is only now ascending beyond the frequency of animals, all of the institutions of animalism are crumbling before our eyes.

The foundations marriages were before built upon are also falling away, but the righteous are being raptured to the heights of majesty from which man devolved. Holy Matrimony is the union of one Soul, emanated in both man and woman, who are but the strength opposite expressions of that one man (non-binary).

What was religiously misrepresented as woman (i.e. Chavvah/Eve) being taken from the side (i.e. rib) of man, is actually just Adam experiencing the perfect harmony with itself. Unfortunately, the human beings today never find rest within themselves, that they can discover their own reflection in a being of the opposite gender.

Though marriages beforetimes lasted longer, it was not because they were in marital bliss or Holy Matrimony. They preserved a flawed institution, and they did so due to indoctrination. They were taught to remain married “for better or worse”, though husbands were notorious womanizers and bigamists, and wives were often unhappy.

There was an anxiety in past times concerning marriage, so like animals, people married according to fear concepts (i.e. protection, childrearing, financial benefits, etc.). People are awakening to their inherent divinity now, and unfortunately, this happens often while already married under the former manner.

I AM grateful to have gone through the relationships and the marriage I have, as they have all been integral to my repentance to my Divine Self. It brought me to my personal Shabbat, and now my ezer kenegdo has presented herself before me. The plain truth, however, is that nothing is lasting as long anymore. Before a new foundation can be laid, the old structures must first be excavated.

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