What Has Your Tribulation Brought You?

I see a lot of people talking would’ve, could’ve, should’ve about their past experiences, and how they perceive things would be different. It is this longing that is keeping you from your Christic fulfillment. As you keep talking of how much further along you would be if you put yourself first, you are planting the thoughts of abortion in your own mind.

If you are in the midst of initiation, rejoice! If your experiences are raising your Consciousness, give praise. There is nothing you can do about how you didn’t LOVE yourself before. Forgive yourself for all that you didn’t know. This is going to greatly lighten your load, and prepare you for Rapture (which by the way is a catching up of your consciousness).

As long as your consciousness is consumed with hypothetical situations, you are going to miss the ascension, when someone next to you in the field will experience it. This particular Lion’s Gate Portal is even more significant than that of 2018. Those of us who experienced our Rapture then, were the firstfruits of restoring the Divine Mother to the Divine Father. That was the frequency of the 11/2 year. This year is the birthing. What you are experiencing is labor pains. Process through the range of emotions, but don’t lose sight of the objective.

Thus far in 2020, you have been experiencing the rapid increase of contractions. Of course things intensify the closer you get to delivery. You will probably soon feel like you are dying: some inside, others outside. The key is to breathe (meditate), and push (persevere). Keep in mind that all these changes you have been going through have been for the purpose of manifestation. That’s what birthing truly is. It is bringing that which has been incubating within out of you that it may have life.

There is a Kingdom inside of you, but it is nearing the completion of its germination. Would you come this to have a still birth? Or allow yourself to despise the beauty of your strength? Don’t let the present pain cut off your life or the life that you have created within you. The I AM presence within you is about to give you beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy in exchange for your mourning.

Bring this baby home!!!

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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