Why Is The Love Of Money The Root Of All Evil?

Before I can even begin to adequately address this topic, I feel it utterly essential for us to look at the definition of the word root. There are two common usages of the English word root, though they are actually intricately connected.

1. the part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibers.”cacti have deep and spreading roots”

2. the basic cause, source, or origin of something.

Now, understand that the root is neither the seed, the tree/plant, not the fruit. The root is that which keeps the tree grounded. The deeper the roots, the higher the plant or tree can grow. Consider this in the context of the love of money being the root of all evil. You are the tree, containing the seed of the Divine Life Force, intended to bear the fruit of the Eternal Kingdom. If you are tied to evil through your love of money, though, you cannot manifest the will of our Divine Parent.

It is often said that the devil is the ruler of this world. To anyone who is paying attention, it is obvious that money rules this world. Now, it is important to clarify what is meant by “this world”. This world doesn’t refer to the Earth, but to the system of operation by humans in the Earth. The world is indicative of a certain age or period, as it is a translation of the Greek word Κόσμος (cosmos), which actually means outward adornment; i.e. a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Cosmos is a type of order and government, though it is very different from Βασίλειο (basileio), which is a kingdom. Whereas the Kingdom is wholly within, the world is without.

The objective of our lives is to manifest what is within us, that it is reflected all around us. In essence, this is exactly what we are doing moment by moment. The problems arise in that most tend to manifest their love of the world, rather than the LOVE of the Kingdom. The LOVE of the Kingdom is at our innermost being, while the love of the world is in the human heart and mind.

For me to come to a full understanding of the Divine Truths contained in the Bible, I had to first detach myself from the perceptions I held of it that were ROOTED in Christianity, or religion as a whole, for that matter. This is playing out fully right before our eyes right now. This cosmos is passing away. It is a world driven by lust and ego, which made it so easy for the rulers of this world to enslave the citizens of this world.

Scarcity is the lie of the elite.

Money does not come from the Divine Life Force. Every good and perfect gift comes from The Force within us. These good and perfect gifts foster the restoration of righteous order and harmony to the Earth, and the entire Universe. This is accomplished by us birthing the Christ Consciousness hidden within us. Money was the invention of individuals who wanted to do away with the barter system. While the barter system was a means of direct exchange, the introduction of money brought about indirect exchange.

Bartering was an agreement between two parties where they decided amongst themselves what the fare exchange was of two different goods. For example, one man might be a farmer, and another a silversmith. The farmer needed shoes for his horses, and tools for his gardening. In exchange, he would provide produce for his neighbor, the silversmith’s, family. As it is proverbially said, “Fair exchange ain’t robbery”. During this time, there was really no need for human governments. There was a period in history long ago, where men were satisfied with their portion.

It’s also important to know that the first kings were fathers. Some of these fathers became greedy in their egos, turned narcissistic, and rather than just provide for their own families, they began taking over the lands of other families to enlarge their territory. Once these territories became great in size, they would enact laws that everyone was required to follow. These kings then decided they wanted to take for themselves a portion of what belonged to the people. In order to accomplish this, they did away with the barter system, and created money as a means of exchange. Though early money was usually gold or other precious metals, usually engraved with the image of the king, over time it evolved into what we know now as money.

Money may take a physical form as in coins and notes, or may exist as a written or electronic account. It may have intrinsic value (commodity money), be legally exchangeable for something with intrinsic value (representative money), or only have nominal value (fiat money). Most money these days is fiat money. Because there is no agreed upon value of money, the rulers of this world set the worth of the money, all based on their own selfish desires.

What those in power have done is divided the people against one another by acquiring allies through sharing of their wealth. Then those in power, along with their new friends, create laws that only benefit them, as well as begin fear campaigns. Because they have claimed ownership of all of the world’s true wealth, they push the lie of scarcity upon the people. Now you have the people divided against each other because they think there is only a small amount of resources to go around.

At this point, the people no longer have confidence in the God within, because fear has come in and taken over. Today, the citizens of Earth enter into constant, egoistic competition with one another, as they scramble for, what they are tricked into believing is that they are only valuable if they have a lot of money. They also try to do whatever they can to assert themselves above others. Because good is the harmony and oneness of The Universe, evil then is that which seeks to keep men divided, and the Eternal Kingdom out of the Earth.

Money is not the evil itself, but the love of it is what keeps the wicked system of this world in power. Money is actually completely unnecessary, but because the LOVE of the Father is absent, men are unwilling to be accountable for their fellow man. No matter what it is individuals or families proclaim as their reason for pursuing after monetary wealth, it is never towards the intent of bringing all men back to LOVE, back to God, who is one. Building generational wealth is selfish, because it is still only interested in guaranteeing abundance for those like themselves.

The only righteous way is for us to owe no man anything but to LOVE him. LOVE operates on the principle of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. Money always limits our ability to do that because money will always be controlled by someone other than the I AM presence within us. I understand that, in the present world, it is impossible to get along with others to this degree, but the more people build their significance wholly upon the I AM presence, the less power humans give to evil to entrap them through the LOVE of money.

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