The Mystery of the Alabaster Box

The Darkness of Deception

Where TNK and Epistle are not in agreement, do you esteem Epistle above the testimony of יהוה (It which causes to exist; the “Lᴏʀᴅ”) Itself? Do you attempt to force their fitting? Do you adjust your beliefs to align with the truth of the Divine Parent? Understand that it is easy, and often malicious, to make a later testimony appear to be in agreement with the earlier covenant, but this is why you must be very familiar with the first revelation before trying to walk in a subsequent revelation.

In every Set-Apart writing there is truth. Beginning with תורה (Torah) and continuing on through القرآن (Quran), we find revelation of Universal Instructions. Within those testimonies, the mystics included the knowledge of life. However, wicked men, with an agenda to enslave the hearts, minds, and Souls of the masses, interjected sorcery in the writings, beguiling men, just as the serpent in the Garden, to believe they are not like G-d.

The mythos of טנק (TaNaKh) also contains allegories which demonstrate the experience of תורה (Torah) in story form. Torah is the PATERn, but Navi’im (The Prophets) is the MATERial, and Ketuvi’im (The Writings) the Holy Child. The TaNaKh paints a picture of the True Trinity- Father, Mother, and Child. In the study of Torah as Parashat, each portion has a corresponding portion in the Navi’im or Ketuvi’im which shows the experience of the Torah passage.

Understand that the truth in Torah is that יהוה (It which causes to exist) within you. Israel is a type of the Self. Having יהוה (It which causes to exist) within meant that to seek any other אלוה (Eloah/Power) aside from יהוה (It which causes to exist), the אלוה (Power) of ישראל (Y’srael), was idolatry. This testimony remains to this day. Anytime you are seeking salvation outside of you, you are indeed idolatrous. All of the righteous sages, mystics, and prophets came only to point you back to the Divine Presence within you. Even the parables of ישוע (Yeshua/Jesus) were meant to teach you the repentance to the Divine Force within.

The Darkness of the Flesh

The main reason depravity is defended is because this is a culture of egoistic defense. Their only defense for their debauchery, though, is to point the finger at others’ lasciviousness.

We are not talking about the sins of past generations, or even those of the forerunners in this generation, against the I AM presence within. We are confronting our own idolatry in this day.

It is the wicked heart who seeks to justify its own behavior in rebellion against the Inherent Divinity by snitching (because that is really what it is) on someone else. These attempts at defending whoredom by reflecting on the whoredoms rapped about in the past do not take away the stain on those who do it today. It actually just means that this generation has no leaders, and the LOVE of the Father is not with them.

NWA was a stain upon society. 2 Live Crew was a stain upon society. Lil’ Kim was a stain upon society. B-I-G was a stain upon society. Cardi B and Megan Thee Adult MALE Horse are stains upon society. All talented musicians, but undisciplined hearts and minds. Within them is the oil of the apothecary, but they are unwilling to break the vessel through Self-discipline, so they continue on in darkness.

The Christ of Creation

To fully understand the mystery of the alabaster box, we actually must go all the way back to creation. At creation, אדם (Adam/man) was both זכר (zacar/marked one; male) AND נקבה (neqabah/easily pierced; female). The mark refers to the oil of anointing, smeared upon the head of a king to designate him as the rightful authority, accountable for subduing and having dominion over all of creation. While ישוע (Jesus) is often referred to as the second אדם (Adam), the reality within the Hebrew mythos is that אדם (Adam) was the first משיח (Maschiach/Messiah; Christ).

Adam ha’Roshon

The אדם הראשון (Adam ha’Roshon/first Adam) was actually אור (ohr/light). Light is the result of oil, and oil is, again, the element of the anointing. However, the oil must have a vessel to dwell in, a lamp if you will, for there to actually be light. While the זכר (male) is marked, it is the נקבה (female) which is the lamp that enables the mark to be seen. The Eternal Kingdom is a Kingdom of Light, and the instruction to אדם הראשון (the first Adam) was to be fruitful and multiply. This is the means by which the Eternal Kingdom is increased, and has no end.

The Light of LOVE

Husband actually means house band. It signifies that the bridegroom serves as the keeper and protector of the perimeter of the house. The husband is synonymous with the א (Alef). This is the first letter of the Alef Beit, and symbolizes an ox. The husbandman is the tiller of the ground; the gardener. The wife is revealed in the ב (Beit). Beit is the second letter of the Alef Beit, but carries the numerical vibration of 1 in Gematria (Alef is 0). Beit is the house itself. At the conclusion of his labor, the Alef goes into the Beit, and deposits the seed, with which the Beit provides a harvest for her family.

As it is written, G-d is LOVE. Father G-d is the Alef, but Mother G-d is the Beit. The two as One are the Light of LOVE, and אדם הראשון (the first Adam) is the צלם (tselem/image) and דמות (demuth/likeness) of G-d. The beauty of this, actually reveals to us the very “word” of G-d.

LOVE as Light

Contrary to the religious perception, “the word” (Λόγος/logos) is not actually word. The English word “word” would actually be Λέξη (lexis), which doesn’t appear in the Bible at all. Λόγος (logos) actually means “computation”, “relation”, “explanation”, “law”, “rule of conduct”, “continuous statement”, or “discussion”. So “word”, as it appears in the scriptures, is more synonymous with the Hebrew תורה (Torah), which refers to the Divine Instruction, or Pattern, of The Universe.

So, the “word” is the seed of creation. It is the blueprint for all that is. The Father is unseen until the “Son” reveals him. The son is the image and likeness of the Father made flesh. The Mother is the MATERial of creation. The logos is essentially sperm, which only comes to life when it is one with the egg of the Mother. Though religion wishes us to believe that its books are the word of G-d, the Λόγος (logos) is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path. This lamp and light is within us all.

The Master ישוע (Jesus) teaches his disciples and followers that if the eye is single, then the whole body is full of light. For the eye to be single, one walks in LOVE, which is G-d, who is All One. The Jews, to this day, have a decree called השמה (The Shena), which is understood as “the yoke of the Kingdom”. “שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד” (Shema Y’srael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad/Hear O Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is All One). It goes on to say “And you shall LOVE the L-rd your G-d with all your heart, all your Soul, and all your might.” Beyond that, we are to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves. This is how we are the Light of the world.

The “Fall” of אדם

Adam and Chavvah expelled from Eden

As discussed earlier, אדם הראשון (first Adam) was אור (light). Even the body of אדם (Adam) was אור (light). When אדם (Adam) refused to continue in the צלם (image) and דמות (likeness) of G-d, which was אור (light), fear entered in, and they yielded to the voice of the נחש (nachash/serpent; hissing enchanter). At the point אדם (Adam) submitted to a beast they were intended to subdue and have dominion over instead of G-d, they became as beasts themselves. This then required that they also have bodies like animals. The אור (light) then was clothed, or veiled, in עור (ohr/flesh).

Along with the vessel of עור (flesh) came the nature of beasts. The beasts of the Earth are ruled by fear instincts instead of LOVE. This is why they needed to have a משיח (Messiah/Christ) to subdue and have dominion over them. LOVE was intended to be the law of העולם (Ha’Olam/The Universe), through אדם (Adam) as בעל (Ba’al/Lord;Master) and מלח (Melech/King). Yet, when אדם (Adam) forsook מלכות אלוהים ( Malchut Elohim/the Kingdom of God) for מלכות העולם (malchut Ha’Olam/the kingdoms of this world), creation spiraled into תוהו בוהו (tohu bohu/chaos and disorder).

Now, the entire creation groans in travail awaiting the manifestation of the sons of Go-d. The sons of G-d are the exact reflections of LOVE/G-d, and that is perfect LOVE which casts out all fear. Unfortunately, religion painted a picture of the son of G-d as a baby born of a virgin (a woman who had never had sexual intercourse), when it is really a child born of a young maiden; a woman who had preserved herself from the animal instinct. The Father God is the pattern; the blueprint. The Mother God is the material. When the pattern and material come together in harmony, a building (i.e. temple) of LOVE again results.

The Alabaster Box

An alabaster box is a seamless vessel made of a precious mineral. Alabaster is a mineral or rock that is soft, often used for carving, and is processed for plaster powder. The thing about an alabaster box, as depicted in the Greek scripts (i.e. New Testament) Gospels is that it had no opening for the oil to be poured into, or poured out of. The alabaster box actually had to be formed around the oil. It is a type of the עור (flesh). The עור (flesh) was formed around the אור (light) which was the original body of אדם (Adam), or Christ. The problem was that the body became hardened as it became עור (flesh).

In order for the אור to be released again in the Earth, the עור (flesh) must be broken. The אור (light) is the מלכות אלוהים (Kingdom of G-d) which is within every אדם (Adam). As long as we are focused on the pursuit of that which satisfies the עור (flesh), we are operating in fear of brokenness, but it is our brokenness that births LOVE. Our brokenness brings our new birth. The Mother is the beautiful picture of this reality when she is giving birth. She makes the ultimate sacrifice of having her body broken that new life may come. Labor and delivery is the highest form of tribulation. The material is broken for the reflection of the pattern to enter the Earth.

There is no greater gift that a Father and Mother can give to the world than that their צלם (image) and דמות (likeness) be made flesh, that the world may believe in the צלם (image) and דמות (likeness) would not perish, but would have the very same everlasting life that is in the oil and light. May we all be restored to our true consciousness as משיח (Messiah/Christ). Let us choose to be broken like that alabaster box, for this is how the מלכות (Kingdom) comes, and the will of the pattern is done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Alabaster Box

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