Kabbalat Shabbat

I was asked by my Beloved “What is Kabbalat Shabbat?”, and I discovered in answering her that this is a beautiful lesson of the connection between בראשית (Bereshit/Genesis) chapters 1 and 2, מִשְלֵי (Mishlei/Proverbs) 18:22, and מִשְלֵי (Proverbs) 31:10-31 (especially vv 11, 12, and 23).

Kabbalat Shabbat means “receiving of the Sabbath (or rest from labor)” in Hebrew. It is the period immediately after Friday sundown for Jews, which marks the beginning of the Sabbath day.

It is representative of El (Father G-d) receiving Shekhinah (Glory/Mother G-d) after his six days of work. She is called the Queen of the Sabbath.

The evening is marked by the Mother and Father enjoying rest with the children over a meal, and the Father and children present gifts to the Mother to express their gratitude for her labor to prepare the home as a place of peace.

My Beloved is that home for me; that resting  place. I no longer have to try to find a suitable mate for she is the perfect reflection and strength opposite unto me. She is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She gives life to the dream I have always had. That is Kabbalat Shabbat.

So, in context of אלוהינו (Eloheinu/ Our Powers) resting from creating after six days, the Father, who is the PATERn, beheld all that the Mother, who is the MATERial, is, and the glory of it. As the mystery of the bride and bridegroom is actually that of Christ (אדם הראשון/ Adam ha’Roshon- as המשיח/ha’Maschiach) and the εκκλησία (Ekklesia/Called out; i.e. church).

In בראשית chapter 2 we find the PATERn and MATERial all one, and it not being good. After אדם הראשון is presented with all of the animals to see what they would call them, there was not עזר כנגדו (ezer kenegdo/strength opposite; i.e. a suitable helper) found for them. This is because the עזר כנגדו was within. It was one צלע (tsela/side; not “rib”, as there was no carnal flesh at that time) of אדם הראשון. Only after אדם הראשון was put into a deep sleep (resting from all their labor of seeking refuge) could the MATERial be formed apart from the PATERn. Even though both אדם איש (Adam Iysh/Man Adam) and אדם אישה (Adam Ishshah/Woman Adam) were still אור (ohr/Light flesh), it was the first time the זכר (zacar/marked one; i.e. Christed One- male; the PATERn) was able to behold the נקבה (neqabah/easily pierced; female- the MATERial) apart from himself. He identified her as “Bone (MATERial) of my bone (PATERn), and flesh (MATERial) of my flesh (PATERn).

Then as we travel over to מִשְלֵי (Proverbs) chapter 18, verse 22 there is the oft asserted, though misquoted, attestation of the favor found when one finds a “wife”. The Hebrew language really has no word for wife in the English context. The word אישה, rendered there as wife, is actually still Ishshah, or woman Adam, as in the Divine Reflection of the איש; man Adam. What is being found is the specific עזר כנגדו (ezer kenegdo; strength opposite) of the man Adam, not just “a wife”. It is through this experience that the man Adam obtains favor of יהוה (It which causes to exist; the Divine Force).

Finally, we conclude with מִשְלֵי (Mishlei/Proverbs) 31:10-31, popularly known as the “virtuous woman proverb”. Verses 11 and 12 speak of her husband putting his confidence in her (as the MATERial to his PATERn), and lacking no good thing. This is because every dream, vision, and idea of his mind is fulfilled in her. If he is the blueprint, she is the temple; the church. Thus, every good and perfect gift that comes down from above (the crown, third eye, and root chakras) is manifested in her (the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras) as they meet in the heart space. This allows for him to be known in the gates among the elders (verse 23), for she is the wisdom and glory of his knowledge; the verification of his fitness to lead in the community as a whole. The two together embody the establishment of the Eternal Kingdom in the Earth.

The coming of the fullness of this is the expression of that perfect LOVE which casts out all fear, and even the lion then lays down with the lamb. No longer do the animals operate in survival instinct, because mortality has put on immortality. The Sabbath then has no end.

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