Parenting and Reparenting

Generational curses are really nothing more than one generation’s refusal to heal the brokenness passed on from the previous generation. It’s not a matter of inherent iniquity as religion portrays it, but a condition of repeated behaviors learned from those who came before.

The admonition to the Father that he should train up a lad in the way that he should go is all about being an example of right living. Parents are to establish a safe place for their children to mature into healthy adults. Unfortunately, a lot of parents ruled, instead of leading, their homes.

When parents create an atmosphere of fear and judgment, the children don’t learn to live righteously. Instead, they discover ways to survive and avoid their fears. Parents are to be the example of perfect LOVE, and in doing so, families heal. Without that perfect LOVE, the generational cures of fear, which breeds self-deprecation, continues on in the family.

A lot of children grow up and begin the process of healing themselves, breaking the generational cures. A part of the process often is addressing the behaviors that led to their brokenness, but because the parents haven’t themselves healed, they seek to protect themselves from what they perceive as judgment. It isn’t judgment at all though. It’s actually therapy. It is bringing attention to the disease within the family, so that healing can occur for multiple generations. 

Unfortunately, when children grow up and attempt to have conversations with unhealed parents, the parents usually attempt to use the very same tools they did in childrearing. Either fear, judgment, or condemnation come into play, and the parent asserts that they did their best as a parent. The truth of the matter is that, while they did what they had learned to do themselves as parents, it was far from their best. For this reason, the same destructive patterns continue in so many families.

At some point, one individual has to decide that the dysfunctions of the family are going to end with them. We can, both, acknowledge that our parents blew it, AND make no excuses for being broken as adults. We must be accountable for reparenting ourselves when our parenting didn’t go how it should have gone. It’s beautiful when someone gets the opportunity to reparent themselves prior to becoming a parent themselves. Then they can avoid the mistakes of their parents, and their parents’ parents before them.

We learn to lie as a defense mechanism. It is out of fear that children lie, and grow up to lie. Lying is a behavior seeking to protect oneself from judgment and condemnation.
When parents are always pointing out what their children have done wrong without celebrating their good behavior, it instills a subconscious belief that they are not good enough.
It is natural for children to crave affection from their parents. A lot of adults are unable to show affection because they were indoctrinated to view physical affection as a nuisance. When parents don’t show their children affection, the children will find ways to try to get the affection they need, even when the parent is busy doing something else.
Enabling children and being overprotective of children generally leads them to never face challenges. It is essential to maturity to demonstrate to children how to overcome obstacles, then allow them opportunities to apply what they have learned by observing the parents.
Humiliating children teaches them to cower in fear. It first makes them afraid to communicate with the parent, then it leads them to allow others to walk all over them. They grow up living a life of non-confrontation because for them, confrontation is always painful and humiliating.

These are just a few of the ways generational curses are passed on in families. This doesn’t even go into all the ways sexual abuse, and physical violence are passed down. We have a great opportunity to change the narrative of society by, first, reparenting ourselves, then being better parents to the next generation. Let us give ourselves the LOVE we needed from our parents

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