The Blessing of Stillness

Meditation is the foundational discipline that doesn’t draw a great following. No one wants to be discipled. They all want to delve into their Akashic Records, receive a Numerology Reading, have a Tarot card session, or understand their Natal Chart though. The key to Self-mastery is in present mindfulness; just being content in the moment. The path to ascension begins with letting go of attachments, and the search for fulfillment. It is truly as simple as realizing that you are wholly significant because of the Divine Presence within you.

Pay attention to all the great masters throughout history. The focus has always been on gratitude for what is. Stillness is the one thing few people grasp. We have been so conditioned to busyness from a very young age and have lost the significance of being. Even in the human condition, we are identified as beings, not doings. One cannot even master his humanity while he is consumed with action. However, in order to transcend humanity and return to divinity, we have to first turn inward.

Unlocking the mysteries of your being requires quietness. While the world tries to keep you chasing, pursuing, hunting, the Kingdom is already within you. When you stop living for the calendar and the alarm clock, and begin to get lost in The Kingdom within you, you find that everything designed for you is there with you. Anything you have to chase is a distraction. Oftentimes, this includes employment, knowledge, LOVE, and the bare necessities of life.

The beauty of righteousness is found in knowing the instruction written upon your innermost being. Even the TaNaKh teaches that the New Covenant is the instructions being written there. The entire message of all the Ancient Near Eastern mythos was that the Supreme Source is within you, and always has been. The only fight any of us has ever had is actually with our egos, which are easily seduced by the allure of the world. Even our schooling is built around the idea that we are inadequate; that there is something we are lacking, and in order to gain it, we have to conform to this world system of accomplishment.

Because we are so indoctrinated to concepts of external validation, we yearn for knowledge of our past and our future. This in itself teaches us that who and where we are right now is insignificant. The poor Self-image that most possess in the moment drives them to seek acceptance for who they may have been before, or who they could become after all this. For this reason, the majority of our society lives from the mindset of “I was” or “I will”, rather than “I AM”. Meditation is the intimate embrace of the “I AM”. It is the joy of emptying yourself of the need to become, and instead basking in the gratitude for being.

There is no greater power than the power of LOVE, and the greatest LOVE is expressed in acceptance. First to LOVE Self is to accept Self as is. The master key of this acceptance in LOVE is to acknowledge yourself as whole. Break free of all the demands the world has placed upon you, and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Most people don’t even realize how subtly they have been made to conform to the world, and have lost themselves in the course of it. The world interferes with the divine evolution of the children of G-d. We are put on a schedule from birth. Deadlines are set by those who haven’t made us as to when we should reach various milestones in life. When a baby hasn’t begun talking by a certain age, the world wants to label that child as developmentally disabled. That infant is not disabled. He just refuses to be forced to conform. Sadly, because of their own conformity, the parents then seek assistance in breaking their child even as one would a wild horse.

Instead of setting your alarm to be a conformist to the world, what would happen if you woke up at the provocation of our Divine Parent, and upon waking up, spent time just getting lost in The Force within yourself? That is what it is to truly be led by the Spirit. It is to be fully guided by the Divine Influence within you, rather than the rules of the society around you, written by the fallen ones to keep you trapped in the cycle of separation from your True Self. Yes, it’s beautiful to understand where you have come from. It is also important to have the vision for where you are going. However, none of that has any significance if you are unable to embrace who you are as the image and likeness of G-d in this very moment. If you want to really know and LOVE yourself, just be still. Be still and know that you are God: one with the Supreme Source. Lose yourself in the moment, and find the Eternal Kingdom.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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