Reclaiming the Ego

The ego has been vilified within this society for some time now. This is because the mainstream has misrepresented what the ego actually is. We could place the blame for this on psychology, or we can assign it where it really lies, which is on the Imperialist systems of the Cabal: the fallen ones or elite.

Prior to the advent of imperialism, primarily through the invention of religion and theology, we were free beings with the liberty to pursue happiness, as long as we did no harm to others. Then those who sought to control the masses introduced the ideas of duality that suggested humanity and Divinity are exclusive of one another.

This lie brought us to the indoctrination of separation, and we then saw our individual sovereignty as a malignancy. In order for the elite to rule as they desired, they had to first conquer the autonomy of the individual within the collective.

Dictionaries give us definitions of word based on common usage, rather than the created frequency of the word. Etymology is essential to understanding words and their power. Once you understand the power of the word ego, your eyes will be opened to why those seeking to oppress you would demonize its usage.

On the adverse, society has attempted to glorify the idea of pride, though pride is actually the energy which undermines the collective cohesiveness. Pride literally is excessive Self-esteem. It is not the identification of Self, but the hyperinflation of Self.

Ego, etymologically, simply means “I”. Ego is the acknowledgement of Inherent Divinity, and the recognition that significance is wholly within each of us. Instead, we have been conditioned to perceive the ego as the enemy of the Soul. The ego is actually the identification of Self, which is essential to Self-LOVE and Self-mastery.

The third eye is the perception of the ego.

You are of not lasting benefit to the collective until you learn to only be concerned with the I AM. The world will only be healed from the inside out, but because most people have lost themselves seeking to satisfy the world, the world only becomes more broken with each succeeding generation.

As long as you are minding others’ business, you are enabling them while disabling yourself. The first step towards תיקון עולם (Tikkun Olam- world repair) is תיקון מידות (Tikkun Middot- correction our character). Tikkun Middot leads to תיקון נפש (Tikkun Nephesh- healing the Soul).

All pursuit of peace begins with the realization of the I AM. The ego is the I AM. It is the Self, exclusive of all else. Without manumission from the intentional misrepresentation of the ego by the Cabal, all will continue the counterproductive cycles of conformity.

Except you define yourself for yourself, not only will you be crunched into other people’s fantasies for you, you will undermine the true restoration of the whole. It is not conformity that completes the puzzle. It is the resilience of each piece to stand in its sovereign autonomy. 

Too many people are making changes to not hurt other people, when in reality they are only enabling others to not be accountable for their own Self-mastery. If you are changing for the benefit of others, you are changing in fear, not in LOVE. You are afraid of how your actions might affect another, but how they are affected is a choice they each make.

Your resolve to change, to heal, to ascend must be exclusively out of your Self-LOVE. You have to want better for you, not because you want better for others. Then your decision to be you, unapologetically, becomes the catalyst for your LOVE for others. 

We cannot continue saying with our lips “As within, so without” yet living for the LOVE of the without. When you change because of how others view you instead of how you feel about yourself, you only make yourself a slave to their opinions of you. That is not deliverance. That is greater bondage. Because then you are fighting your “demons” with fear, rather than perfect LOVE.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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