Peace in Authenticity

The Master Key to manifesting peace is allowance. Instead of forcing, simply allow what flows to flow. You create conflict within yourself attempting to create a vibe where the frequencies don’t match.

I have learned to simply be the I AM that I AM, unapologetically, and those who are of my tribe show up naturally, and those who are not of my tribe reveal themselves hostilely. I LOVE both exactly as they are, and I no longer take it personally when people walk out of my life.

This is salvation. I have accepted that as I find the I AM that I AM, I find my family. I realize now that a lot of people are depressed and unhappy because of their commitment to their biological family and longtime friends who they have nothing in common with. They continue in martyrdom attempting to force connections that are not real.

If the changes you are making are not bringing you closer to your Highest Self, you are lowering your vibration to fit in a space not meant for you. This, by definition, is actually hypocrisy. You will never be great playing small to make other people happy.

I watch people near and dear to me compromise their personal happiness attempting to hold onto people who don’t actually fit in the vision for their life. Some of these people battle severe depression, and I know how to heal them. Unfortunately, they are rarely willing let go of what isn’t really theirs to manifest what is.

This is the difference between abundance and lack; manifestation and attraction. When you are whole you have need of nothing. Whatever is within you appears in your life. When you are broken, you keep trying to attach to people, places, and things you think validate you.

Whatever you had to do to get it/them is what you are going to have to do to keep it/them. It is best, as I have learned from experience, to be naked and not ashamed. If you go in authentic, only those who LOVE you authentically will be there, and you will have peace. Tribalism isn’t peace. Tribalism is pure hell. This is why so many never find happiness until they leave the tribe to find THEIR tribe.

When people walk out on you for being you, allow them to go. Enjoy the peace. When they try to come back, protect your peace, because they typically only return to see if they are able to enslave you.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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