Conscious New Year

So… All the pseudo-conscious folks are started early about the “fake new year”, and I think it’s time we address it. I say pseudo-conscious, because real consciousness is the recognition of Inherent Divinity and Infinite Oneness. Consciousness is a beyond the veil experience, where duality is understood as an illusion.

If you truly understood creation and frequencies, you would know that the changing of the new year was integral to the shift in consciousness. You are still too stuck in your religious mindsets, giving energy to fallacies of enemies and oppressors, to grasp the wisdom of duality.

Darkness is the Source of All. Light is but the revealing of creation. The new beginning IS now, but only one with the eye to see can perceive this. This people only believes in what you can see as it pertains to natural things, yet believe in a mythos you have never actually seen as it pertains to everything else.

It is by Divine Providence that the new year is now observed January 1. Their logic actually supports abortion, because they equate life to birth rather than conception. The Source IS Conscious Intention. None of this stuff is coincidental. You don’t know that all things ARE working together for your good, so you keep giving your power away to that which is not power.

Considering time is cyclical, not linear, neither concept exists outside of the 3rd dimension. Even thinking of the new year as beginning in spring is a function of the limited human psyche. Only those still living as separate of God call one fake and the other real.

Bereshit (In a beginning/Genesis) is an impregnation and conception. It is when the Sun is hidden in the Earth, NOT when the Sun is borne from the Earth. In the cyclical existence of The Universe, the Eve comes before the Morning. The babies are made under the cover of darkness. The babies are born in the light of day.

This IS the new year in the age of consciousness. We are no longer slaves to the powers, but Masters of the powers.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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