The Restoration of the Sacred Energy eXchange

I remember taking World Civilization as an elective in college. Something that stood out to me is how differently sex is viewed in tribal culture. In much of the East, it is perceived as completely natural, rather than taboo as it is in the West.

In some tribes, especially those who commonly dwell in huts, the children sleep in the same structure as the parents. The parents don’t attempt to hide their sexuality from their children, and as a result, they grow up without the same curiosity as children do in Europe and America.

Likewise, the people of the East are very rhythmic communities. Dancing is an integral part of the culture. There movements are not perceived as sexual, but as celebration. They celebrate EVERYTHING on Alkebulan. Dance is as significant to their festivities as food and drink. Most of their dances are the very same dances done here in America, but in America they are demonized as sexual.

I say all this, particularly, to point out that there has long been an agenda in the East to subdue the Divine Energy of sex. It is actually that very agenda that has provoked the sexual looseness seen in Europe and America. The nature rebels against the unjust restrictions, refusing to conform.

X Clan had an album entitled “To the East Blackwater”, and it was one of my favorite during high school. I AM now seeing just how The Universe has been trying to get us back to Eastern divinity in so many ways. Still, a great portion of society seeks to halt the rebirth of God.

The church, which is the brain trust of Eastern civilization, is crumbling. Even Christians are returning to inherent divinity, and Rome doesn’t like it. Nevertheless, even the media, particularly television and film, is insidiously interjected holy sexuality back into the culture. It’s just a matter of time before the people are free, and no longer lascivious in their lifestyle.

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