When God Gave Me You

The mindset of not needing anyone is a trauma response. The type of fear Russell Wilson is referring to is not trepidation, but wisdom and honor. As a Divine Masculine Being and true Father, I (we) understand that there is a dimension of the mission that cannot be fulfilled without my (our) Divine Feminine Reflection and a true Mother.

In creation, all higher manifestation is borne from the oneness of Pattern and Material. It seems that, even in spirituality, many have forgotten the Universal Law of as within, so without. The Earth we experience “below” us is a reflection of the Heaven “above” us. We have come to acknowledge the Trinity of creation as Father, Mother, and Child, but ignore the fact that the disorder of this present world has a lot to do with this mindset of resistance.

No, we should never lose ourselves just to have a relationship, but the truth is that a lot of people run from relationships because they are without knowledge of themselves. There is a prevailing slave and lack consciousness in this society. Everyone is chasing the bag, and then thinking this is an expression of Self-LOVE. Truth is that people chase the bag because they seek validation in the external, temporal, and material.

Abundance is inherent. The wealth most seek is built on foundations of limited resources and competition. For this reason specifically, most of this generation chooses to LOVE things and use people. Most people live as human doings instead of human beings, and they are consumed with finding something to do, because they are unaware of who they are.

In coming into Self-realization as I AM that I AM, I AM also accepting of that I AM not. I AM not so prideful as to behave as if I don’t NEED #her. I AM wise enough to honor #her for what she has multiplied in my life. There is a lot for the אדם that cannot be born apart from the חוה. I overstand that as much as it is my Divine Nature to give significance, it is #her Divine Nature to nurture.

As much work as I do to perfect the Pattern I AM, I AM incomplete without the Material. Yes, I AM whole as a Pattern, without anyone else, but recognizing the purpose of a Pattern, I AM fully conscience of the fact that my purpose is not fulfilled until the Pattern I AM is revealed in the Material She Is. This is the mystery of Christ and the Church, and why I, as a husbandman, must must LOVE the bride as my own body.

So, whatever she requires of me, because I AM fully confident in her as Material, I will prepare that as a seed and offering. My ego and Self-confidence, my Self-actualization, don’t fear losing anything except my garden. As long as I have a garden, I AM assured that I will suffer no lack- physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially. Yes, the right Goddess should provoke a God to be better.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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