LOVE Is a Seed Before It Is Ever a Fruit

At their core, even all of my Mommy issues are actually Daddy issues. However, it was my own Father who helped me heal my Mommy issues, even from the ancestral realm. Raw Material doesn’t become problematic until it is used abnormally to reveal a Pattern to the world.

Again, Fathers give significance and Mothers nurture. In laymen’s terms, Fathers are responsible for setting the example of the Kingdom, while Mothers reflect the strength and glory of the Kingdom. He is the Gardener, supplying the seed. She is the Garden, yielding the fruit. The family and the mission are the Harvest.

Have you ever seen a fashion show and been appalled by the styles? The Material itself is not appalling. It is the Pattern applied to the Material that made the clothes hideous. Even the “cheapest” Material can be made an invaluable Garment if the Pattern is exceptional.

It is the seed which holds the design, and the Gardener is responsible for the seed. If the crop keeps being off, at some point, the seed needs to be addressed. Yes, climate also goes into the harvest yielded, but the Gardener is still accountable for seeing before, and making the adjustments to compensate for the weather.

That compensation is also innerstanding what type of soil the particular fruit that is envisioned grows in. Tropical fruits don’t grow in Arctic climates. It is still on the Gardener to know what he wishes to harvest (his mission), so that he chooses the proper soil to yield that particular fruit.

This is exactly why heirloom seeds are highly valued. If we keep passing down dysfunctional seeds, we are going to continue harvesting horrible fruit. My responsibility was to recognize that the seed I was given was bad, and work on cultivating a better seed within me.

Now that my seed is healed, I AM ready to begin planting my Garden. I also had to find the soil fit for growing my fruit, and still have to cultivate that soil to be ready to receive my seed. The Husbandman cultivating the soil is akin to a God providing security for a Goddess. LOVE does this, but LOVE is so much more what a God is than what a God says.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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