The Mystery of Adam in the Mission of Man

Healthy relationships require consistency of presence, primarily on the part of the Divine Masculine. Presence is not just being there, but being full, attentive, responsive, and mission-minded while there.

Most couples are only a couple because the individuals lack Self-LOVE, and thus hope to be validated through their relationships. They marry without knowledge of Self, or innerstanding of their mission. So, the entire relationship is superficial, based wholly on emotions.

Intimacy (in to me see) is the ability to see within Self, first, then within another. None can be truly intimate with another without first being fully intimate with Self. Unhealed individuals have not the capacity for intimacy. They are ruled by judgment, not LOVE.

This is why men are so quick to place expectations on women, then don’t have the wisdom of how to create their expectation with her. Thus, because they have remembered their function as provider (pro-visio: to see ahead), they become weary in well-doing, and faint before their due season comes.

Submission is not a duty of the Divine Feminine. It is a responsibility: RESPONSE ability. It is the DUTY of the Divine Masculine to know himself and his mission, so that he is able to even recognize the Divine Feminine who is able to multiply the seed of his vision. THEN, as he is intimate with himself, he is able to see his strength opposite; his comforter beside him. Her ability to respond is based a lot on his commitment as a Husbandman.

This is the mystery of the Adam allegory. Adam was both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in one. The body of Adam was female, while the consciousness of Adam (i.e. the mind of Christ) was male. The consciousness of Adam first innerstood the mission of Adam, and sought a helper to fulfill its mission. When there was no suitable helper found, the consciousness of Adam took sabbatical from searching, and then was able to see the other side (not rib) of itself; the female side/Material.

The two, as one body, join together to fulfill the one mission to be fruitful and multiply, which is not explicitly procreation. It is a mission to fill the Earth with the PRESENCE of “God”, both Masculine and Feminine, revealed in all of creation.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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