The Triunity of God

Even if we read the text as it is rendered in English, the Son was always the offspring of the Father (the Word; the Pattern) and the Set-apart Wind. Set-apart, from its earliest usage, has always been indicative of a bride. i.e. Israel is the Set-apart bride of HaShem. It is the Spirit who reveals the will of the Invisible Source to the sons of God.

“The same spirit which raised Christ Jesus from the dead (making him the firstborn from the dead in our innerstanding) quickens your mortal bodies (new birth)”. The word Father comes from the Latin Pater, where we also get the word Pattern. The Father, esoterically, is immaterial. The Mother, however, is how the immaterial is animated. Mother is from the Latin Mater, the root of Material.

As we all live, our Mothers conceived us of the “Holy Spirit”. The very same Wind that is said to have moved upon the face of the waters in a beginning, moves upon every woman for her to conceive a child. All of us are born Gods. We are the physical offspring of the Supreme Consciousness and Its Revealed Glory. We are given the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil by the hissing enchanter, which is none other than the family we have been born into, convincing us that we have to become something other than who we are in order to be validated.

For this reason, we must be born again. The rebirth requires that we all first die as men. Where it is written “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.”, it is not a curse, but a promise of hope. The whole creation groans in travail awaiting the manifestation of the Sons of God. THIS is our redemption, and why we must all be crucified with Christ.

Everything we are going through in this hour is leading us to the place where we will lay our lives down as men, so that we can raise them back up again as the Gods we are from the beginning. “Arise O Gods, and judge the Earth, for we shall inherit the nations.” The key is that we honor our Pattern and our Material that our days may be long upon the Earth. You see, death is the last great enemy of God. If we let God arise, Its enemies will be scattered, and those who hate it will flee from before It.

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