LOVE is a Matter of Presence

How many times have we witnessed the story line of someone laboring tirelessly to give another person all the best of the world’s goods, only to learn later that what was needed was their time, their compassion, and their presence? Many of us were spoiled at an early age, and told that the toys and things we were given were expressions of LOVE. Oh, how programmed we have become as a society to think that we should know that we are LOVEd because of having a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, lights and heat in our homes, and food in the refrigerator. Then, we are called ungrateful and unappreciative when we express a desire for more.

Sadly, because of this programming, we are often unable to articulate what that more is. We are well aware something is missing, but we just can’t gather what it is exactly. So we pursue more material, when it is actually connection that we long for. It is because we have been so indoctrinated to view everything externally first that we fail to go within and find what it is that we are actually missing.

Let us consider the Hindu word NAMASTE. The ancient connotation of the word is greetings or salutations to the Divine Child in your heart. The child within us is inherently divine. We are all born perfectly one with The Most High (LOVE), and it isn’t until we begin to be taught (indoctrinated) the ways of this world that we lose our connectedness to LOVE. It is this LOVE that created EVERYTHING that is. This LOVE is within us, and only is hidden when fear of judgment and condemnation enters. We are judged, then conditioned to judge all else, simply because the world system operates on comparison. The beauty of the namaste is the remembrance of our interconnectedness with all.

Within the realization that we are all inextricable, the principle of manifestation takes effect. This Law of Oneness is the very same as the expression “as within, so without”. So even with our inability to articulate what it is that we are longing for, we naturally look for others to complete us. As much as the concept of needing someone else is frowned upon, it is actually a supreme truth that we are not whole without others. We only need to grasp that, inherently, there is no separation between us. This world outside us is an illusion; a matrix. The way to escape it is to be as present externally as we already are inherently.

This is the way we actually fulfill our mandate as Master Manifestors. It starts with us shifting our focus from the outside to the inside, embracing Self-discipline which produces Self-mastery. When we are Self-mastered we are no longer able to be enslaved by this world system. Self-discipline is not inclusive of how we manage the material. The material is not part of Self. In fact, the material is only limited by our belief in Self. LOVE begins with Self-realization, and is perfected in Self-mastery. The key is to recognize, AND BE, the Highest Self.

It has become “easier” for us, in this society, to labor for things that decay to express LOVE than it is to reclaim our Highest Selves, and give that to one another. We put in hours away from our homes and families, whom we are incarnate to LOVE, in order to give them things that are perishable. The power is within us, however, to manifest all the things that are temporally necessary and desirable. It’s all a matter of tapping into our own Divine Presence. Remember, the Kingdom of God is within.

At your best, you are LOVE!

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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