Control, Debt, and Judgment

Control is the most subtle ulterior motive known to man. It is control that keeps us from being able to perfectly LOVE. We desire as humans to control practically everything in our lives including the way others perceive us. It is this innate desire to control that gives rise to the ideas of debt and judgment. Because we are overly concerned with how we are seen in the eyes of others, we are constantly creating means of repaying a debt that is not owed. This is also why it is written “owe no man anything but to LOVE him”.

The reality is that LOVE has no expectations. LOVE is the most liberating, freeing Force in all of The Universe. Not only does LOVE not seek to control any, but it only seeks for each to experience its own highest good. When we reach the place where we are able to relinquish control of the thoughts and feelings of others, we no longer do for others out of a sense of obligation, but instead out of a pure heart of LOVE. If we can ever stop fearing the judgment of others, and worrying about the thoughts others hold towards us, the freedom we will enjoy will be unimaginable. The greatest chain known to man is that of control.

Perfect LOVE is the only way to break the chains that bind. Unfortunately, it seems our nature has been altered by ideas of control. We have lost all semblance of what is natural to us because we have programmed to judgment. Of all the creatures in The Universe, it appears that we are the only ones who attempt to oppose nature. Whereas everything evolves in synchronicity, as a type of chaos magic, we tend to not simply allow what is, so that we can purely enjoy all that there is.

Think of all the ways we seek to dictate how everything else functions. We desire to control how we look to others, and drive ourselves crazy, often, doing so. Everything in life is about people pleasing. Very little is truly governed by pure Self-LOVE and personal happiness. We have traded our accountability for our own feelings for the illusion that we have the power to please anyone else. This occurs so much so that we even try to control the world from the other side of life, while we are still living here. We fail to enjoy every moment because of an excessive concern with how we will be judged in our absence. When we ought to be fully creating our own happiness in every moment, we are instead trying to create a legacy of how we will be viewed decades, centuries, even millennia from now. We are worried about the wrong things. The only way to truly heal the world is to perfectly LOVE Self, and allow others the freedom to do the same.

Instead of doing those things that express our purest desires for Self, we lose our own Souls trying to gain the world. The problem is that, no matter how much we forsake the desires of our own hearts in supposed altruism, we still are powerless to choose how others feel about what we have chosen to do. We are never going to please everyone. In fact, we will never please anyone… except ourselves. Thus, because we are only capable of truly identifying our own pleasure, we must concern ourselves with doing that which is most indicative of Self-LOVE.

All we can ever truly KNOW is Self. Everything [literally, EVERYTHING] outside of Self is purely a belief. It is a figment of our imagination, and the only thing we can control about the external is how we feel about it. So, rather than debt, judgment, or expectation, we ought to always choose to feel LOVE. When we do not feel LOVE from a situation or individual, rather than concern ourselves with how others will perceive our behavior towards it, we reserve the responsibility of our own manumission. It is not their forgiveness we need. It is our own.

To perfectly LOVE ourselves, we must stop being debtors to that which is not our Master. LOVE alone is to be our Master. So, let us stop being slaves to the judgment and opinions of others. Except we give another power over us, none can conquer us. Fear is a response to the unknown, but if we give ourselves more fully to being Self-aware and our Self-presence, we can know ourselves fully, LOVE ourselves perfectly, and stop doing anything out of obligation. Instead, we will do all things in LOVE… and LOVE truly never fails.

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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