The Domestication of History

Those who are ignorant of their own autonomous significance seek validation in group association. History is typically written by either those who have no concept of their Highest Selves, or those who sympathize with groups of people who portray themselves as victims. Masters have no need for history to justify their Self-worth. All the evidence a Master needs is in his own personal experience. He doesn’t rely on the legends and mythoi of generations past and ancient cultures. He created his own legacy by writing his destiny, moment by moment. The Master takes it upon himself to create the world he desires, according to his own will and inherent divinity. The Master is not limited by the standards of the past, nor the restrictions of his peers. He exists as an accountable creator, taking everything made available to him, with gratitude, and making it into something greater than what he began with.

This is exactly why we are admonished to avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, arguments, and quarrels about the law, because these things are pointless and worthless. We have no way of even proving any of it. All we can prove is what we have experienced ourselves, and we have no need to prove any of that to anyone. Our truth is just that: OUR truth… and it is able to stand apart from the experience, opinion, or perspective of any other being. We ought not waste our time and energy trying to manipulate the perspective of others, rather concerning us or history. Instead, we are to gather the great opportunities afforded us to do that which is within our own heart’s to do.

From our earliest days, we are programmed to be manipulators. Our parents baptize us into this culture of punishment and reward, and to remain in that matrix is to choose to be slaves. The reality is that as long as we are making decisions for the hope of being accepted, we will never be free. Salvation will forever evade us as long as we continue to believe that salvation is something that can be given or withheld. No one is coming to save any of us. In fact, none of us are even really bound. The chains are imaginary. They began as the words of our families- telling us that if we did whatever pleased them we would be rewarded, but if we did what displeased them, we would be punished. This is where history began to lose its validity, because we were programmed to manipulate it to ensure reward rather than punishment.

We learned blame instead of accountability. Whenever we were not accepted for who we are, we immediately sought justification for why we were unable to please the people whom we most longed to be accepted by. So, in the face of their judgment, we learned to manipulate the facts, and create villains; antagonists even, who were responsible for our failure to live up to the expectations of others. This turned into group identification. We then developed concepts of generational curses; the idea that we are predisposed to certain negative behaviors because of the actions of “sinners” or “oppressors” before us. Our disconnection from our inherent divinity led us to seek identity as part of groups that we thought could protect us from the punishment of the world around us. The problem, though, then became that entire groups of people were being punished by the world, or even by “God”, and this victim mentality continues to be perpetuated to this very day.

Some think that by rewriting the historical narrative to say that we actually came from greatness, and that all the great accomplishments throughout history were achieved by people like us, that we are reclaiming our power. The truth is that we are actually just further relinquishing our authority as Divine Beings. In doing that, you are still doing nothing but relying on someone else’s story to validate you. You still don’t have any significance of your own. You are nothing more than a slave still, but now just to someone else’s favorable view of you. Yet, you have still failed to define yourself for yourself. You continue to lose your own Soul trying to satisfy the world.

As I often quote Audre Lorde, “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me, and eaten alive.” This is still unequivocally true. Who I AM exists wholly apart from any and everyone and thing else. I AM not “black”. I AM not African. I AM not African-American. I AM not my family name. I AM not my hometown or my neighborhood. I AM Sahaquiel Avir Yeriel. I AM a Father. I AM a Husbandman. I AM LOVE. I AM abundance. I AM health. I AM all these things inherently. None of these are conditions of any relationships I have. Not even history can limit my capacity to be the I AM that I AM.

Please don’t misunderstand me, and assume I AM suggesting you should utterly dismiss everything that has ever happened in the past. No! However, you cannot continue attributing all of your power to what someone else told you about your ancestors. It all sounds good, and might even make you feel good about yourself, but if you put stock in those stories, you give them the power to define you. If you find out that what you believed is a lie then you no longer have an identity. What if you are not the descendant of slaves, but are actually the descendant of slave owners? Or what if you are not indigenous to America, but actually directly come from Ireland, or East Asia? Does that take away from who you are as an individual? In this domesticated culture it has become a badge of honor to be associated with marginalized groups of people, and the reality of it is because this society is guilt-ridden. Most of the population accepts judgment that is not theirs to bear, and all because of the manipulation of history. What if we began simply acknowledging our own experiences, but not to blame anyone? What if we stopped being caught up in what we have been told happened when none of us were present, and decided instead to just be accountable for what we do with each moment; each day? Everyone is still trying to make people pay for the past, as if anything from the past can actually be changed. That unforgiveness harbored by so many does so much more to avert the manifestation of healing and abundance than all of the alleged acts of history combined. As long as we are consumed still with what we are told happened, we choose to remain slaves to the oral traditions passed on to us. Whatever happened happened. It is up to me to choose to remain there or move forward. Besides, I can’t repeat something that I have no idea ever occured.

We have people clinging to restrictions and rules written in books, all because they want to be a special people. If you need to be part of a particular family, a particular community, a particular nation, a particular career path, a particular belief system in order to be special, there is actually nothing special about you at all. What makes you holy is not the group you belong to. It is not your history or lineage. It is the truth that there is no one else in all of The Universe like you, and that is your superpower. The only real freedom is in being. Be utterly limitless, unrestricted by the reward or punishment of others. Live freely to create your own happiness, on your own terms. Stop allowing others to confine you to their ideal for you, rather based on their own history, or the history they have chosen to identify themselves with. Even with the science of DNA, none of us actually KNOW if it is accurate or not, and we really should stop relying on any of it to define us. Anything we give the power to define us, we render ourselves slaves to… and you cannot be a slave AND a Master.

Our compulsion with history is a hybrid of comfort and fear. It is gross contentment with the status quo which we despise, paired with our trepidation with the unknown. Though we are unhappy with what is and has been, we are unwilling to do what is necessary to create something entirely new. It’s as if we are stuck at the question “Why reinvent the wheel?” So, most people would rather just seek to improve upon “the wheel”. However, we this fixation on history, we are holding ourselves accountable for maintaining a mess we didn’t create, and/or fixing that which we didn’t break. We have all heard the adage “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, but it is broken. It has been broken for many millennia, and no one is willing to do what it takes to actually get a new one.

This is exactly why we need Thanos. Yet, our world still roots for, and longs to be, the Avengers. Avengers are doing nothing but preserving the rudiments of archaic systems of domestication and control. We are on the precipice of an entirely new age, yet those who desire the new to resemble what they choose to believe the old was are in the way. They are in the way, and lazy. We are created, at the least, to be creators. We are inventors and magi, not maintenance workers. We are Masters, not slaves. However, in order to be the fullness of the I AM that I AM, I must relinquish EVERYTHING else I AM domesticated to be.

We keep looking back at bridges we have crossed, making sure we are able to go back again. We ought to be burning those bridges instead. If you pay attention, it’s as if The Universe is attempting to assist on in moving on into our destinies as Divine Beings. The Universes is making us uncomfortable in many of our relationships. It is essentially forcing us to practice non-attachment. All the people, places, and things we had history of comfort with are disintegrating. We have the brilliant opportunity to go forward in power, but our longing for the reward of acceptance and approval, as indications of significance, keep us bound to the illusion of validation. So, when we should be creating the world of our dreams, we are still simply consuming the world of our foreparents’ nightmares. No matter how we view our ancestors- as enslaved, as oppressed, as noble, or as strong- we ARE NOT our ancestors. We are not any of those generations who have gone on before us.

I know who my ancestors claimed to be, who others told me they were, AND exactly who I AM. None of them are the same.

I actually, personally, say it with ALL disrespect. I AM NOT my ancestors. Not the ones who ruled nations. Not the ones who were enslaved in the Americas. I AM not the award-winning educators, the accomplished athletes, the skilled musicians, the esteemed freemasons, nor the inspirational preachers. I AM not the wealthy emperors, the famed astrologers, nor the wise mathematicians. I AM altogether Set-apart. I AM someone the likes of which this world has never seen before, and I refuse to settle for being another anything. I AM a type of Melchizedek- having no Mother or Father, I AM before Abraham was, per se. Not only do I not need history for validation, it is actually history that has robbed me of my true significance. All these years, my capacity for belief in Self had been stunted by what others told me of history, and I AM choosing to no longer accept that as my truth. I don’t care about what they were supposedly unable to do. HIS-story ain’t got a damned thing to do with me. I AM responsible for MYstory, and I AM the mystery of MYstory. So, I shall write it as the author and finisher of MY faith.

It’s time to break the alabaster box…

What if generational wealth is even just another form of control? One generation is seeking to predict how it is historically viewed by future generations. No matter what we do today, we are powerless to dictate the effect our decisions have on our offspring. As much as we may believe we are setting them up for success, we are still seeking to define how they must view success, and that makes us no different from those before us whom we have come to identify as colonizers and oppressors. A lot of parents make financial decisions for their children that their children wouldn’t desire for themselves. So many decide to build a future for others without the consent of those whom they claim to be building that future for, then they place the burden of maintaining that which was built upon them, against their will. I have seen families fall apart because the parents had owned property that the children wanted nothing to do with. The family expects the next generation to just consent to following the same path of the previous generation, and I AM beginning to see just how enslaving that can be. For us to enjoy the salvation available to us, we MUST let go of our attachment to the ideals and standards of all others, historical and familial.

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