Understanding in LOVE

Most people fail to see how understanding is the most significant, voluntary manifestation of LOVE. Our natural, Divine state is LOVE. From our incarnation, LOVE is who we are. It is not until domestication overtakes us that we forget who we are, and begin to conform to the lies projected onto us by our various communities. You hear so much these days about LOVE languages, but many still fail to recognize that LOVE is a means of communication, and it is intended to be our only method of communication. People often say that communication is key in relationships, but without comprehension, communication is futile. ⁣

Babies, innately, are LOVE, and that LOVE (i.e. acceptance) of everything inspires a natural desire for understanding in them. Every time they are introduced to a new component of this existence, they begin to investigate it. Why do they do this? They have the natural desire to know how all things fit into their lives. It isn’t until parents begin to project judgment onto them, sometimes to the point of punishment, masquerading as correction, that they begin to fear understanding, and defining certain things, and their own nature, as “bad”. ⁣

Once those innocent ones lose their desire for understanding, it is replaced by prejudice. Prejudice is but a manifestation of ignorance, and ignorance is the absence of understanding. You see,, those babies,, inherently, engage with people, places,, and things to get an understanding of each, and they then accept each as they are,, and they govern themselves in accountability from there. Once they understand how that person, place, or thing makes them feel, they accept them as they are, and establish boundaries for themselves pertaining to such, rather than trying to change them to suit their fantasies for them, unlike adults. ⁣

This has not only led to people no longer pursuing understanding, but maybe even more harmful, many have no desire to be understood. This begins with the intolerance that comes from our programmed prejudices. I have noticed that many claim to want coexistence and harmony, but then get upset when someone expresses their inability to understand them, towards the goal of understanding them. It isn’t about teaching someone how to LOVE us, as much as it is allowing someone to LOVE us. We build so many walls of separation because, while LOVE is natural, judgment has become normal. ⁣

Self-LOVE is a matter of Self-acceptance, which provokes a desire for innerstanding. Innerstanding is actually the highest state of acceptance in LOVE, as it empowers us to identify our own Divine Nature, and then better recognize how others align in the expression of that Divine Nature. Once we have established that Innerstanding, it is entirely natural to seek understanding of the Divine Nature of others. Then when we identify the Divine Nature of others, it is so easy to recognize the compatibility of your Divine Nature with the Divine Nature of that other person. You don’t then seek to break their Divine Nature, by demanding that they change to suit you. You simply accept their Divine Nature, and conduct yourself accordingly based on the understanding of the natural compatibility of the two. ⁣

This life is like the most immaculate puzzle, and you are presented with the task of, artistically,, reassembling the puzzle to its original glory. In order to accomplish this, as Creator of your reality (i.e. God), you MUST BE, unapologetically, LOVE. This is your world, and the only way your world will be as your Soul wills it to be is to comprehend where each piece fits. I leave you with this reminder from a letter written during the latter part of the first century of the common era: ⁣

Love is patient and kind, not jealous, not boastful, not proud, rude or selfish, not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not gloat over other people’s sins but takes its delight in the truth. Love always bears up, always trusts, always hopes, always endures.⁣

There can be no understanding without patience and kindness. Where jealousy is allowed to reign, understanding will never be achieved. When you desire understanding, you can’t be overly boisterous, and you have to set your pride to the side. Rudeness and selfishness create walls of division that hinder communication. (Selfishness is a reflection of the absence of Self-LOVE, as is utter selflessness). You can’t be angry and gain understanding, nor can understanding come when you are consumed with judgment. Understanding of others comes from accepting them as they are, instead of inventing a fantasy of them in your mind, and that is how you accept responsibility for the world you create for yourself, rather than blaming others for what your world has become.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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