Ain’t No Real Martyrs Bihh!

I should first explain what it actually means to be a Master/Mistress, Lord/Lady. Let us examine how university education actually gives us a clear picture of the purpose of true education as it pertains to life. There are four basic types of degrees one can earn from college.⁣

The first degree level is the associates. An associate degree means that the individual is associated with the subject matter. In life, Self is the actual subject of our studies. It is the study of other subjects that distracts us from our true major. I AM my major, and all else in the world that I choose to be intimate with are my minors. ⁣

After the associate degree, meaning that I AM generally associated with the I AM that I AM as the subject matter, I AM able to achieve the bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree means I AM eligible to be more intimate with the subject than to just be associated with it. Think of it in terms of associates and friends. ⁣

Then, after completing bachelor’s level studies, one can go on to achieve a Master’s degree. The Master’s degree, as it pertains to Self, means that one is able to sufficiently govern Self, as one with a university Master’s degree demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the subject.⁣

The doctorate level degree is awarded to those who not only are intimate with the subject, but also equipped to teach others how to Master the subject. The true doctor doesn’t fix others. The doctor teaches others how to Master the subject for themselves. ⁣

Comprehending all of this, as a Master Healer, I had the pleasure of coming to Self-mastery, thus healing myself instead of holding out hope that someone else would heal me. As a doctor, i.e. Master Teacher, I get the pleasure of teaching others how to free (heal) themselves. ⁣

None of us can even heal another living Being, because the accountability for healing is entirely on each individual, after the Master Healer and Teacher (doctor) has discipled them in Self-mastery. Thus none of us can go back in history to heal those who came before us. Either they healed themselves during their lifetimes or they died broken. We also cannot go into the future to heal our descendants. The most we can do is set an example for them, that they still must choose whether or not to follow.⁣

People these days are actually interrupting their own healing thinking about how to heal other people and generations. That obsession with genealogies is a subversion of domestication keeping the masses from achieving manumission by reinforcing the lie of accountability for others. We each must save ourselves, because ain’t nobody coming to save you Otis!⁣

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