The Nature of Relationships

This is not to take away anything at all from gender identity, nor gender equality. I actually wholeheartedly believe that gender identity is a reflection of individual Nature, which is borne from the heart and not the mind, and that, as it relates to vocation, women can do anything men can do, and should be compensated the same. Even with all that said, there are some things that are undeniable about Nature that are pertinent to the way we experience, especially romantic, relationships. ⁣

There is one Universal Law, and that is the Law of Reciprocity. Everything else called a law is only an instruction, because they require submission in order for them to actually work. The Law, though, operates with or without consent. It is Nature at its highest. In every segment of creation, sowing and reaping is infallible. ⁣

Now, understanding this, only “humans” defy Nature. It is how domestication is carried out. So let’s take a look at the Masculine and Feminine principles within the Law of Reciprocity. The Masculine Being is the husbandman. The Masculine is the seed bearer. The Masculine is the Gardener. The Feminine is the Garden. This is the most important factor to grasp to manifest a balanced relationship. ⁣

Our Nature is that of horticulture. If even a baby is left to its own resources, the baby is going to consume low hanging fruits. As the baby grows, the child will begin to consume higher hanging fruits. That’s Nature. No one has to teach a baby to do that. Hunting, however, is not Natural. It is something that has to be learned. ⁣

The husbandman doesn’t hunt, but he cultivates. The Garden doesn’t sow. She receives the seed, and multiplies it. Men of this generation are so unnatural that they actually expect women to supply them with fruit before they ever sow any seed whatsoever. Women have been so abused that they now feel like they actually do have to “bring something to the table” in order to be worthy of a relationship with a man. ⁣

If a man has Self-LOVE, which requires that he knows himself, he would realize that the woman is the table. It is his job to dress the table, then the table will feed him until he is full. The Masculine is designed according to Nature to first sufficiently build himself as a husbandman before he sets out to have a relationship with a Garden. When he abhors his own Nature, he is obviously going to abhor the Nature of the Feminine. ⁣

Feminine Being, in perfect Self-LOVE, accept nothing less than a Masculine Being sowing righteous seed into you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and then physically. If you don’t feel safe in all these areas, keep waiting. You deserve it just because of who you are. ⁣

These same principles apply no matter the gender identity. If you identify as a Masculine Being according to your Nature, these things are within you. Find them first before trying to find your Feminine Being. If you identify as a Feminine Being, a Masculine Being who knows himself, and thus has perfected Self-LOVE, will present himself to you as a husbandman, without an expectation of you proving anything to him. This is because he comprehends the Law of Reciprocity, and knows that he simply has to supply you with a safe place to bear fruit, and you will be your best Self.

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