Who Dreams of Working?

I know that most people, when they read or hear the word domestication, immediately think of chattel slavery, but chattel slavery is only the most blatant, but least employed, form of domestication. Domestication is actually any attempt to subvert Nature by means of control. In sentient beings, reward and punishment are the tools of domestication. ⁣

Nature is Divinity. As much as the Father is the unseen “God” within us, the Mother is the visible “Goddess”, the Material of all life. This is why from ancient times Earth is referred to as the Mother. Earth and Her children are even more inextricable than a king and his kingdom. Yes, Consciousness and His children are also inextricable, but we only experience through the world around us (including our own bodies; the “temple of the Holy Spirit”).⁣

Divinity, in the form of Nature is wild. Consciousness is the only rightful government of our being. Consciousness has an autonomous life path for each of us, but when human government gets involved, it seeks to break our Nature, much like dogs and cats are house broken. As much as people celebrate their nations and their governments, nations, as they are today, and governments only exist to actually limit, not protect, the freedoms of the people. Think about it: every benefit you think you are receiving from the government happens only after you forfeit something to them first. That is even true for theocracy, i.e. government by “God” (which is really government by organized religion). You have to submit your all under the authority of the government to receive the blessing of the government. ⁣

It amazes me that this truth is actually written in the Navi’im (see Jeremiah 31;30-34), yet those who claim to be Bible believers are oblivious to it, or either just ignorant of it. Nonetheless, the problems of the world have been created by the governments of the world, typically to reward those who are most faithful to the governments by way of indulgences. The laws enacted by governments are written to favor their own immediate interests, and the interests of their friends, even at the expense of the health, wealth, and freedom of citizens of their jurisdiction. ⁣

By way of indoctrination, these same entities then convince the masses of the need for certain vocations (think, primarily, physicians and attorneys) in response to the very societal problems the entities created themselves. Thus, many of these jobs are dependent upon the people never achieving manumission through Self-mastery. If you are healed, those who make a living off your domestication are out of a career. So why would they ever help you to not need them? This is the exchange you make when pursuing certain occupations as a dream.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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