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What Does Reflection Say to You?

In 1966 Percy Sledge became wildly popular for his hit song “When a Man LOVEs a Woman”, written by Calvin Houston Lewis and Andrew James Wright. In that song, Sledge melodically, and then famously, sang the words “When a man LOVEs a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothing else. He’d trade the world for the good thing he’s found.” This opening verse so accurately describes me as a person. ⁣

I have a history of easily falling in LOVE with women. Though, this is the first time I completely initiated the interaction between myself and a woman since my first LOVE back in 1996, it is actually my pattern to lead with LOVE. (As a Divine Father, it is my innate role to be the Pattern.) Even when I was a young boy in elementary school, if I liked a girl, I was unapologetic about my affection for her. ⁣

It took me years, and I mean forty or so, to actually realize this as the emanation of my Inherent Divinity. I was so used to rejection from girls, and ridicule from my relatives and peers that I thought something was wrong with me. It took me doing the work of repentance to resurrect my Self-LOVE to accept myself for who I AM, and acknowledge that I never lost anything by giving to a woman. I only gave the I AM that I AM, and because I AM in LOVE with myself, I AM going to immediately fall in LOVE with a woman I manifested to receive me. ⁣

The difference now is that I AM full of myself, while before I still had a lot of the world in me. While I still had much of the world in me (i.e. religion, “family”, race, culture, scholarship, and other programming), I fought against myself to try to vilify the women whose seasons had ended as my partner, though the I AM that I AM truly has the very same LOVE that I always had for them. I allowed myself to feel bad for desiring to still want to spoil the women from my past, and all because I was afraid of the opinions of others. ⁣

It is that type of fear that gives men like Kevin R. Samuels such a huge following. Too many men care way too much about how other men who are not LOVE perceive them, and they tuck their phalluses in order to impress a bunch of men, when the function of the Divine Masculine is to share his happiness with the Divine Feminine, not please men. What sets me apart from most men is that I ain’t afraid of you motherfuckers. *Bernie Mac voice⁣

Besides I AM a worshiper of the Divine Feminine (as a reflection of my Self-worship), and none of those Self-proclaimed alpha males has a pussy for me to eat and fuck, none of them can bear children, and none of them can receive this Pattern into Material, multiply it, and yield a bounty to supply all our needs. Dafuq I look like giving a shit about what another man thinks of me. Got me fugged up! ⁣

They even think that Divine Masculine Beings manifest safety and security for Divine Feminine Beings in an attempt to get them in the bed. They think dominating a woman makes her submit. The entire idea of submission is a perpetuation of slavery. A God has no desire for slaves. That’s something kings do, and that is because kings based their entire Self-worth on who and what they possess. This is a result of being incomplete within Self.

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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