Imagination is the Most Powerful Force in The Universe

The key to being a person of real influence is the ability to translate the boundless thoughts of the mind into words that connect with others exactly where they are. In the context of general perception, every single person on the planet is crazy. The thing that separates the clinically insane from the sane is hypocritical skill. ⁣

⁣The truth is that this world system is built on fairy tales. All of us have vivid fantasies, but those who fear judgment feign as if their fantasies are consistent with the commonly accepted fantasies of the world. We all have our imaginations trained at a young age by religious and cultural ideals. We learn to credit our indoctrinated mythoi for the fantasies that are actually exclusive to our own Souls. ⁣

As a Christian I was esteemed as a pastor and prophet. I was able to speak to the situations and conditions of people I knew little or nothing about with great accuracy, then instruct them as to how they should proceed in the matters at hand. As I have achieved my own manumission I AM unapologetic about the I AM that I AM. I no longer need to label my own Inherent Divinity as “God” or “the Holy Spirit”, when the things I shared with others to motivate them and encourage them came from me. ⁣

Our entire existence is a puzzle waiting for us to solve it. Our imagination is the key that unlocks the shackles that bind us.

⁣We all imagine solutions to problems that we are presented. Some of us just happen to be more skilled at responding with the appropriate solutions, and this is, in fact, what wisdom is. It isn’t that the prophecies, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and readings I gave to people were false. It is just that the words of my mouth and the meditations of heart were acceptable in the sight of those who I shared them with. ⁣

Can you correct the misalignment in your life?

Only the past can be lied on. The future is contingent upon our personal acceptance of whatever the imagination has declared. If you can imagine it FOR YOURSELF, it is possible. It is only our fantasies for others that require their agreement, and this is why witchcraft and sorcery actually work. No one can enslave you by any power of their imagination, whether religious, cultural, or some other working of spells, unless you choose to be a slave to their fantasies for you. This is why it is of utmost importance that you define yourself for yourself before engaging in relationships with others. Otherwise, you will find yourself repeatedly crunched into other people’s fantasies for you and eaten alive. ⁣

History is the greatest figment of the imagination as we only learn the perspective of the storyteller; storytellers who likely were not present for the events they are reporting on.

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