Are You Inspired?

Have you ever stopped to realize that the gross majority of motivation in this world is actually domestication? Domestication is manipulation employed to encourage an unnatural behavior in another sentient. Thus, reward and punishment are the primary tools of domestication. ⁣

Practically from birth, control has dominated our lives. Someone has been attempting to form us in their image and likeness since the beginning. Our names, at least our “birth” names are a huge component of our domestication. We are given names according to the will of our parents, and those names reflect their ideals for us. ⁣

We then begin to be programmed, by way of multiple external stimuli, to be the best [insert given name here], but how many remember the desire at a young age to be someone different from what everyone else called us? That was actually your inspiration, i.e. the spirit within you, guiding you to yourself. A lot of us were scolded for our resolve to be who we knew we were within us. We were rewarded for conforming to the fantasies other people had for us, and punished for rebelling against it. ⁣

Nature (see Kemetic “neter”, meaning “God”) is wild and free. My Nature is the I AM that I AM. We are inextricable. That is the “Holy Spirit”, and “God” is that Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. There is freedom from domestication. The domesticated adamantly seek to return the free to bondage. One of the key ways this is accomplished is by teaching us that we don’t have a Holy Spirit, and that we must crucify our Nature in order to receive their “Holy Spirit”, which is not a Set-Apart Influence at all. ⁣

Cling to those who encourage your inspiration. Others cannot inspire us because they are not within us. They can, however, provoke our inspiration, and they do this by loving us unconditionally. They have no desire to control or possess us, but they only want us to do more of whatever sets our Souls on fire. ⁣

I AM inspired to connect with those who LOVE me. By me being my authentic, unapologetic Self, I realize those who actually LOVE me. I AM motivated to attach to those who have created a fantasy of me in their minds. They either promise or threaten in response to my behavior, attempting to elicit their desire for me. This is why you are encouraged to go where YOU are celebrated, rather than where YOU are just tolerated, and if YOU (your Holy Spirit) don’t define yourself for yourself, you will be crunched into other people’s fantasies for you and eaten alive. ⁣

Those who LOVE the I AM that I AM are just going to have greater access to the I AM that I AM. Those who hold onto their fantasy for me will eventually lose access to me altogether. Flow with inspiration, or force it by motivation. If you LOVE yourself, guard the instructions of your own heart. That’s inspiration!

Published by Ascended Master Sahaquiel

Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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