Nature vs. Nurture in the Context of Sex and Relationships

Though few, there are some things resulting from indoctrination that have generally benefited us more than they have harmed us. Even with the benefits though, they have limited us as autonomous sovereign significant beings, as they heavily influence our choices. Where we are innately free moral agents, it is nearly impossible to have free will in this society. Instead our wills are guided by the standards set by others, even though they may not be what we truly desire for ourselves. ⁣

Relationships and marriage, at their foundation, are beautiful. The issue is that most people believe that relationships and marriages entitle the parties to restrict the behavior of the other parties involved. In this, relationships and marriages are plantations, rendering those involved as the property and possession of the other. At this stage, the individuals have lost their authenticity, and conformed to the will of the other person/people. This is actually what it means to be lost, so it is actually from religion that we all need salvation. ⁣

Who we are, we are born. We are not human doings, human becomings, Divine doings, or Divine becomings. We are either human BEINGS, or Divine BEINGS. A significant outcome of Self-mastery is remembering the I AM that I AM: coming to the knowledge of who I AM before indoctrination and domestication. This is the goal of healing, the mission of deliverance, and the vision of manumission. ⁣

Many are called, but only a few are chosen. The chosen are those who shed the hypocrisy and repent to their Inherent Divinity. I AM a Father and Husbandman though I have no biological children, and I AM unmarried. This is because Father and Mother are Divine Natures, not relationship roles. Husbandman is also a Divine Nature. No one can know whether they are or not without doing the work of unlearning what they have been told they should become. You cannot BECOME a Father. Either you are or you aren’t. The problem is that males who aren’t Fathers have been procreating for millennia, leaving their children with no Pattern to follow. ⁣

There are men who are Fathers, but not bridegrooms. These men often have children, and do a great job of providing for and protecting all those children. Those children will typically follow the Pattern of the Father they have as it pertains to romantic relationships, because we learn to have romantic relationships. If Papa was a rolling stone, the sons and daughters will likely have a disposable view of their sexual partners. They are following the Pattern of the one who was unapologetically a Provider and Protector. ⁣

Every woman is a Mother. The word Mother comes from the Latin root mater, which is the root also of Material. Mother is so much deeper than giving birth to children. Mother indicates the inherent capacity of every Feminine Being to create. If you give a Feminine Being a seed, she will, even involuntarily, produce fruit. Women multiply, even if she identifies as lesbian, stud, dom, etc.

Cultural indoctrination tends to cause people to judge others for how they live their lives, though they are often the ones embracing their Nature, while the judges are the ones in bondage to social constructs,which are essentially nothing but religions. The people have become so colonized, and content in their colonization, that Divinity is offensive to them. ⁣

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Just a Divine Soul on a mission to restore True Self by perfect LOVE, and restore The Universe with the same LOVE.

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