The Absence of Real Men & the Desperation of Women

The reported recent split of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey has sparked a lot of conversation in the social media world. Folks are talking about everything from who’s to blame to calling this young Woman’s character into question. I have even come across many of the religious population, particularly Hebrew Israelites, essentially calling Her wicked because of Her alleged rejection of His marriage proposal.

It’s interesting that there really are people who think a Woman has to immediately agree to marry a Man She’s been dating, as if She has to be sure He is the Man worthy of Her hand just because They have been dating for some time. It’s even more interesting that many of the people, especially within the Hebrew Israelite community, who are judging and condemning Her are Women.

It’s despicable that Men lack accountability so much that Women think They have to be in a hurry to get married in order to have Protection and Provision in this unsafe world, and that there are folks justifying this shit with “God” and/or “The Most High”. It’s a gotdamned shame that people are still indoctrinated to promote a misogynistic, man-made deity, and I AM tired of unrighteous Men weaponizing false religious constructs to continue insidiously oppressing and possessing Women.

Any nigga who promotes the theme that Women are responsible for being victims of abandonment, abuse, and abduction because They refuse to marry “good Men” is not a good Man, and wouldn’t know a good Man if one sat next to Him on a couch. A good Man is a Man who is authentically a Protector and Provider of Women and Children whether those Women and Children are “His” or not.

This is why there is such a great need for the hearts of the Fathers to return to the Sons, and the hearts of the Sons to be turned back to the Fathers. Fathers have to be the Pattern of Self-mastery, Husbandry, and unconditional LOVE. Otherwise, We will continue to see Women believing the ancient, misogynistic rhetoric that singleness is a curse. Fathers failing to give Daughters significance has Women ready to sell Themselves into bondage for the semblance of being saved from Their reproach.

I AM creating a world in which My Daughters will never settle, and My Sons will never struggle. The status quo society ain’t it. Rings and marriages mean absolutely nothing because there just aren’t many true Husbandmen and Fathers in the world. Most Women believe marriage is some sort of guarantee, and that at least if there is a divorce the government will protect Them. The government ain’t shit. The religious institutions ain’t shit. The only solution is real Men building tribes and cartels in which We are wholly accountable for the Protection and Provision of Our own COMMUNITIES, not just Our own Wives and Children.

The only reason a Woman should NEED a Divine Partner is for romantic LOVE and procreation. Everything else should be readily accessible to Her by all of the Men of the community. If a Woman is longing for marriage for any other reasons than companionship and dick, the Men have failed another generation.

Few Men ARE Husbandmen because They haven’t had Fathers, and Fathers are not just Men who have Children, but Husbandmen who are Masters committed to making Masters of Disciples who are Their Sons.

It’s not that Women don’t want to be Wives. Women ARE Wives by Nature, as a Wife is one who receives a seed, multiplies it, and gives back a harvest. If there is no Man accountable as a Husbandman (i.e. Gardener), meaning “there is no Man to cultivate the Soil”, or the Men are sowing unrighteous seed, what do You expect the Garden to become?

Only wicked niggas point the finger in blame at Women. It’s as bad as an invisible Creator being angry at Its creation for being what the Creator created. Yet Men still won’t even accept responsibility for creating a God in Their image and likeness. God is just like wicked Men who want to punish Women for adapting to survive without inconsistent, absentee Men. Your God is just an inconsistent, absentee Man because Men made Him up.

It is written “You have need of patience that AFTER You have done the will of God, You shall receive the promise.” There are basically two types of Men in the Earth: Husbandmen or Hunters. Husbandmen pursue eternal Life. Hunters seek immediate pleasure. While a Husbandman will patiently tend to the Garden until it yields the harvest, a hunter is only going to wait so long to bag His prey before He gives up and sets His eyes on a different kill. ⁣

This is why We must prioritize Self-mastery as Men before We seek out relationships with Women. When We aren’t disciplined Ourselves We blame Women for why We grew weary in well-doing. The truth is that it is Our responsibility to establish safe spaces for Women to evolve through Their seasons so that They can bloom in Their time. Most Men are just too easily triggered to actually be Healers to Women. ⁣

There is really no valid excuse for a Man to abandon a Woman He has LOVE for. When We fail to do Our own healing work first We are incapable of staying the course. I have been there Myself. We also have a habit, as Men, of choosing Women for validation when We haven’t done the work of Self-mastery. This is why Fathers are so important. While Mothers nuture, Fathers, as the Pattern, give significance. When We enter a relationship already having significance We aren’t in such a hurry that We can’t see the fruitfulness of the Goddess beforehand (Provision). ⁣

Sadly, Women have gotten so used to not receiving unconditional LOVE that They think it’s Their fault that Men keep leaving. Then You have a growing segment of hunters with podcasts who keep making goofy rules for Women as to why the Women are single. The issue isn’t Women not following Men’s rules. The problem is Men lack accountability, but want to hold the ones They’re attempting to prey on responsible. I wish upon every Goddess that a Master shows up in Your Life, and remains throughout the process with the confidence that You are good soil that will, in due season, bloom bountifully.


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