Paternal Accountability

The more I find Sabbath in the I AM that I AM, particularly as a Divine Father, My sense of discernment governs how I interact with others. Fathers don’t focus on chronological age. Fathers focus on evidence of discipline. Many of the cultural mythos indoctrinated Us, as a society, to projecting age-based standards onto others without acknowledging that, not just Children, but people learn best by observation. ⁣

Many ancient, especially near Eastern, cultures had their own designations of maturity and adulthood, usually centered around the age thirteen (13). This had a lot to do with the anatomical adolescent transition, but Parents and the community were active in trying to equip the Children emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for adulthood by that same age. The Jews established bar mitzvah (Son of the law) and bat mitzvah (Daughter of the law) celebrations to designate this. The only problem is that it is based on a test of memorization and not a demonstration of discipline. ⁣

In Your more non-religious cultures, however, the rites of passage were a demonstration of the Self-mastery achieved through Parental and community discipleship. The Masters within the community, primarily the Fathers and Mothers, intimately demonstrated the tenets of accountability before the Children. This is the esoteric premise behind the adage “Train up a lad in the way He should go, and when He is old, He will not depart from it”. Training views the world as the classroom. It is on-the-job education. ⁣

When Fathers are intimately disciplining Our Sons and Daughters, We realize that the standard is not the same for each Child. We must recognize how well each Child grasps the concepts of Self-mastery, and educate Them according to Their individual proclivities. Even in society, Fathers are able to discern between people who still need Mothers and Fathers to disciple Them, and people who are Husbandmen and Women, ready to actually be joined to mates. ⁣

Fathers don’t condemn Aged Girls (“adult females”) for loose behavior because We understand with compassion that They have never been given significance. When an Aged Girl leads with sexuality, I know that She has no Father (though She likely does have Her Dad). So, I engage Her as a Father, because Her significance is more important to Me than sex, and Her Divine value worth more than Her vagina. Even the manner in which She perceives Men as Protectors and Providers lets Me know whether She needs a Father or a Husbandman, and because so few Goddesses in the Earth have had Fathers, They have no reason to be married, or even dating really. ⁣

This is exactly why, within this “conscious” generation, so many fellas easily prey on unsuspecting Women. Fathers give significance and focus on the knowledge, and Mastery, of Self for each Child. Consciousness today is really just another religion because, rather than education, it is a school of various indoctrinations, where credence is given to those who are intimate with what others have taught Them of history, metaphysics, and such. Fathers are not highly regarded in modern spirituality and consciousness because Fathers place the focus back on discipline towards Self-mastery. ⁣

I can tell You a lot about the various things I believe about the planets and stars (i.e. Deities), but that only makes You better slaves. Fathers are not concerned with taking You to “church” because We desire for You to be Masters. A lot of Goddesses place the onus on Their sexuality because They either want a Man to dominate Them, or They want to dominate a Man. When a WOMAN can stand in Her WISDOM (i.e. Knowledge of Self), while organically walking in Her Divine Femininity, She is ready for Her cameo; Her glory is seen beyond Her aesthetic. ⁣

As Fathers, We are accountable for foreseeing the potential of Sons and Daughters, but even of Women who could possibly be Our mates. That foresight enables Us to educate (that is, “bring knowledge and wisdom  out of”) towards significance. Once a person is validated by His or Her own significance, He or She is then a Man or Woman. These are the keys to righteous Paternity- foresight, and being a guard in front of what We see ahead. Any Goddess I see the greatness in, I protect, not just Her presence, but Her future as well, and that is by ensuring that She can identify safe spaces for Herself – mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and sexually. I ensure that by being the example of that. ⁣

Fathers aren’t present for Their Daughters sexually. A Man who engages His Daughter sexually is reprobate. A Father views every Goddess as a Daughter until He distinguishes one apart from all Daughters, who has the Material to give birth to His vision. Fathers have to be Self-disciplined with Our own sexuality. When We aren’t, what We teach Our Daughters is that Their bodies are just for the pleasure of Men, and that Men only show up for the Women with the best pussy. So Their emphasis turns towards having the best pussy because of whatever behaviors They observed in Their Dads. ⁣

This is why, I found, I AM uncomfortable with personal conversations about sex with Goddesses, no matter how beautiful They are. Conviction comes upon Me because My Soul sees Them as a Daughter, but no Man has ever treated Them as a Daughter. So Their attraction to Me can only be perceived as sexual, when it was never sexuality that drew Them to Me. When I allowed the sexuality to overtake the Paternal instinct, it always complicated the relationship. It made it awkward and uncomfortable. I AM grateful for those experiences though because I have learned integrity. ⁣

Too many Goddesses see sex as a way to repay a Man for acts of kindness shown towards Them, and this is also because of the absence of Fathers. Sex, as pleasurable as it is and can be, should be an expression of the LOVE between Partners, but when Men lack Self-discipline, They have no regard for the true value of a Goddess, and thus will fuck a Goddess just because She looks good to Him, and She offers it. And now We have a dilemma of abortion rights… Because there were no Fathers instilling significance in Their Daughters, so that Their Daughers would value Themselves too highly to ever allow a Man incapable of being a Father to ever enter into Her secret garden.

When it comes to dealing with Men, there is a dynamic that differs for Fathers. Masculinity is defined by not being easily pierced. Most Men are not open to being Fathered once They have already reached the age of majority. As a Father, You then have to treat those Men much like the prodigal Son. Men who refuse to follow the righteous Pattern set by Masters before Then must endure the chastening of the world, in hopes that They will come to Themselves, and return to the Fathers/Masters to be disciples.

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