The Real Apostasy

Those “falling away” or “left behind” are actually the people who are blinded by Their own dependency upon human governments and world powers. As We are caught up (i.e. Rapture) in Self-mastery, proactively establishing Our own Heaven on Earth, the masses react to the decisions of the Supreme Court, particularly, in distress. ⁣

The “rights” people fear are being stripped away are simply benefits offered to slaves by Their own slaveholders. The free don’t depend on the government for Their Protection and Provision, but as Masters, take it upon Themselves to be “in the world, but not of the world”.⁣

I understand that religion has had a stronghold on the hearts and minds of many for a long time. However, as it is written, “Without a vision, the people perish”. Provision is foresight that provokes preparation recognizing the proclivity of the world leaders towards manipulation. ⁣

Instead of prioritizing the discipline to not experience undesired pregnancies, the apostate mind wants permission to end a pregnancy AFTER it happens. The apostate mind shuns accountability for the pregnancy and focuses on those who They see as telling Women what to do with Their bodies. ⁣

What everyone is missing in this is that when You fail to Master Yourself, someone or something else ends up being Your Master. Your disregard for Self-discipline (which, by the way, is the highest expression of Self-LOVE) has brought You into a place of having someone tell You what You can and cannot do; much like a prison or plantation. ⁣

Too many people want to exercise Their free-will to make poor choices, but want to complain about the consequences of those choices. Those are the apostates. Those are the left behind. No one is coming to save You, and it’s only those who refuse to save Themselves that wait for a Savior. ⁣

As Men, We have to stop sending Women out into the world uncovered, and We have to be better examples to Our Daughters that They have no desire to give Themselves to unworthy Men. Then there would be no fight to have abortions.

Then there is the fear of the reversal of other precedents like Brown v Board of Education, which deals with the integration of schools. The accountable have already been working towards educating Their own Children, while the apostates are afraid that Their Sons and Daughters will no longer be allowed to attend the very schools They already complain about. Apostates fuss about the inequities in the school system, but ignore that it is the Father and Mother, not the government, who is supposed to set the standard for the Children in the first place. You only know that the schools aren’t properly teaching Your Children because You know the information that is being left out of the classroom curriculum.

Do We even need to get on the subject of marriage? While there are rumblings of rulings concerning the government recognized institution of marriage, if people were honorable in Their relationships, there would be no need for the government or church to be involved in the business of these relationships in the first place. A marriage license is a contract with the government. It is a business document. A true union is a covenant between the people involved, and the God within Them. You fucked up when You sought out the protection of the government in Your union.

So, as some are being “caught up to meet Christ Consciousness in the air”, others are choosing to be bound to this world and its rulers. While the elevation rises, most are falling away, not because They CAN’T go where We are going, but because They don’t want to go. As much as They complain about the conditions on the plantation, They actually believe it’s better than having to Master Themselves.

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