Black Love Accountability Cartel

What do We mean by the title Black LOVE Accountability Cartel (BLAC)?


Black While we all understand that Black is not truly the color of Our skin, the color Black does represent the Source of all creation. Black is also indicative of carbon, which is the base mineral of all Life on this planet. Charcoal is the most prominent item of carbon most of Us know, and while charcoal is black, when pure charcoal is placed under extreme pressure it becomes a diamond. When we refer to Black, we mean any of the most highly concentrated Melanin Beings on the planet, the true people of the Earth, in all Our many different complexions. While there are many disputes as to whether we are all indigenous to Africa, the one thing that is undeniable is that we all share a high amount of Melanin in Our DNA, much more than any other haplogroup of people on Earth. Of all the things that seek to divide Us the one thing we can agree on is Our skin; Our common DNA.


LOVE in Its simplest, but most powerful form, is to see without any intent to control. Throughout many ancient cultures a great law was embraced. That law is to LOVE your neighbor as you LOVE yourself. But what is it to LOVE yourself? It is to see yourself as you are in your truest, purest form. Even if we did interject the idea of God into this, the clearest picture of God would have to be LOVE. LOVE is a creative force and is within us all. They key is to live our lives in alignment with the LOVE within us. LOVE is Nature and LOVE is Natural. Everything that is not of LOVE is unnatural, and a result of domestication. 


LOVE, especially Self-LOVE is embodied in Self-discipline. Self-discipline is all about intimacy with Nature, which is Divinity. So, LOVE requires a remembrance of who truly are, and a stripping away of all that we have become by way of domestication and indoctrination. LOVE is liberating, as it frees us of the sense of obligation to conform to the world system. LOVE also casts out all fear because it invokes authority, significance, and Self-acceptance.


Accountability and responsibility are not the same. Accountability is the ability to give an account for One’s own behavior in line with the reality of who He or She TRULY is. Accountability flows from within outward. Responsibility is the ability to respond to the actions, experiences, or opinions of others. Responsibility comes in from the outside.


We can only be held accountable for what we have agreed to be or do. Accountability in the context of BLAC then is first a matter of agreement upon shared values and a common goal. We are accountable within this space to our Divine Nature first individually, which enables Us to hold one another accountable to the principles consistent with that Divine Nature, which will bring about our personal correction, and eventually our collective restoration to Good Orderly Direction.



The word cartel, while most associated with the idea of organized crime, is a collective of Families and Tribes working together to achieve a common goal. By definition, a cartel is an international syndicate, combine, or trust formed especially to regulate prices and output in some field of business, or a coalition of political or special-interest groups having a common cause, as to encourage the passage of a certain law. As it pertains to BLAC we serve as both an international syndicate to regulate our collective sovereignty from the Roman system and a coalition of geographic communities of Melanated people. Our mission is not to set up one community in one location but to foster communities around the world who subsist entirely on ancestral practices and Righteous values.

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