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Our vision is to create spaces and operatives towards the empowerment of Black people globally beginning with the restoration of Self-LOVE which inspires personal accountability.

numerology reading - $200

Rendered via Zoom or FaceTime 
Numerology is the basic structure of The Universe. It is also the most perfect language there is. Whereas words can change in meaning from culture to culture, the vibration of numbers is consistent throughout time and space. A numerology reading unlocks the Inherent Divinity of You by connecting You to the authority and purpose revealed in Your date of birth and Name.

conscious discipline development coaching

Put themselves in a position to manifest who they are (Minimum 6 month Contract) $200/month or $1,000 if paid-in-full.

The key to Self-mastery is discipline, and with discipline You can begin to create the Life You truly desire. Discipline Development Coaching is a one-on-one journey that equips You to define Yourself for Yourself, and formulate both short-term and long-term plans towards achieving Your best Life. 

Each week, You will have two- one hour sessions via Zoom or FaceTime to work on action steps towards Self-fulfillment. The coaching curriculum is a six-month commitment. 

reiki healing services

Distance, In home, or the Frisco studio. 
Distance $50
In home $200 for one hour
Frisco studio $100 for one hour


The  Akashic records are a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. To the religious They are comparable to the Book of Life. An Akashic Records Reading delves into all of Your Lives to gain an understanding of Your present Life path and Your mission. 


Energy is neither created nor destroyed, and The Universe is always working for Us through various energy forms, many of which have been personified as various mythological creatures throughout history. Orbs are a type of energy emission revealing the various means through which Our Lives are being affected. These orbs are visible in the dark via photographs, but not typically with the naked eye. With an orb reading the individual takes multiple rear-facing mirror photographs in a dark bathroom, using the camera’s flash. The photos are then analyzed to discern beings present and messages communicated. 

Foundational Principles

Our vision is to create spaces and operatives towards the empowerment of Black people globally beginning with the restoration of Self-LOVE which inspires personal accountability.

The Chocolate Buddha

We should perfect the seed, then Protect the seed, before we ever project the seed. We must do this first before we ever expect the Women to receive the seed from Us and multiply it. One of the most important things about Divine Masculinity is the instinctual commitment to being Fathers (Patterns) and Husbandmen (Gardeners). The prefix pro is inherently Masculine as it initiates and takes the lead. The Men are the blueprint.


Masculinity is a seed. It is the Pattern of what can be. Men, therefore, are designed according to the principles of Provision and Protection.
Understand that Provision means to see ahead. It is a vision of what is ahead. Protection is a derivative of Provision. It means to guard in front of. Therefore, Men must be Self-disciplined so that we can see ahead to know
what should be done in the best interest of the community.


The Feminine is as the Earth. She is the Garden that receives the seed and yields the fruit. Even the Hebrew word Neqebah means easily pierced, indicative of the female sex organ, and it is translated as female in the Hebrew mythos creation story. The greater beauty of this is in context with the Hebrew word Zakar, which is translated male, but is more accurately “marked One”, or “remembered”, in the context of the Man not being physically there but having left a mark on the Woman. We must understand though that the Woman is the body of the community. The word Mother comes from the Latin mater, as in Material. She is the creator within the community, while the Man is only the visionary. If She is given a safe space, She will birth everything that the Men foresee. Thus, we don’t Protect Her because She is weak. We Protect her because is immeasurably valuable, and she is the giver of Life. Before there was ever a Gardener, there was a Garden, and the Garden is the glory of the Gardener. The Woman is also the carrier of the seed. It is the Son borne from Her womb that crushes the head of the proverbial serpent. We must edify and magnify the Divine Feminine in all Righteousness for She is the connection to our powerful heritage and the portal to our infinite legacy. In the beginning She was without form and empty, but once She brought forth Life, She even birthed the Man to be Her own Husbandman, whose Divine Nature was inherently to Provide for Her and Protect Her. The Woman is the primary Nurturer in the community, not only of the Children, but of all the dreams and visions perceived. All each Woman has received from Her own Mother is passed down to the Children of the community, and this is also exemplified in Her leadership role within the Cartel.



Study is essential to knowledge, and knowledge is the foundation of power and authority. We study ourselves to know ourselves, and we study our history to grasp the principles that made earlier generations strong. Study is Righteous as it instills in Us the key components of healthy communities for Melanated people. 


We should begin our studies while still on the tit. Since we were robbed of that benefit, we can restore it for the future generations. The way we do this is through regular gatherings, in-person and virtually, for the instruction of our history and the principles that fostered the success of our ancestors


Discipleship is key because we can show the disciplines that make Us healthy individuals and a healthy community for the youth to follow. What this means is that the next generation will grow up whole rather than needing to heal as adults like we did. The Men can train the Young Men to be Providers and Protectors, Husbandmen and Fathers from a space of Self – LOVE rather than a position of obligation. The Women prepare the Young Women for adulthood as well, showing the Righteous characteristics of Divine Femininity, Nurturing, Womanhood, and Motherhood.

Rites of Passage are an important part of the discipleship process. Our ancestors were raised to be Righteous, accountable adults, and raised their Children to be Righteous, accountable adults, at the age of thirteen. Roman
imperialism and the western school system have joined forces to keep Us domesticated for Life, and ensure that we are thoroughly programmed by the time we complete their program of schooling at eighteen. This is also a way to disrupt our mitochondrial intelligence. We have the opportunity to sever the tethers that have kept Us bound to colonialism and oppression.



 The ultimate goal is to equip Parents to be the primary educators of their Children while also establishing community schools to instruct the Children in areas of general studies such as science and math, economic management, horticulture, and vocational arts.

Education by true definition is to draw OUT inherent knowledge. What contemporary schools offer is indoctrination. The schools that exist today serve only to put information into the students that causes them to be productive laborers (i.e., slaves) within the current system of colonization. our aim with education within BLAC is to be way showers for Children so they learn HOW TO think rather than what to think.


The word community denotes the foundation of “The Cartel”- common unity. We build community on values alone, and those values are in alignment with Natural Order as observed for many millennia among our many cultures of Melanin-rich people. This is the truth of Righteousness, and this leads to Holiness. Righteousness is simply doing what is right in order to create the desired outcomes, and Holiness is to be Set-Apart from other people and communities who don’t hold the same values. The strength of a community is in its values which the community members agree to uphold.


Also important to the strength and safety of our communities is the ability to defend ourselves against attack, both individually and collectively. Thus, training for combat is essential for the Men of the communities, and equipping the Women to defend themselves in the absence of Men as Protectors. This training is not limited to, but includes, martial arts, safe gun use, and other artillery training. We assume accountability to keeping our own people and communities safe.

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